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Semikron offers discrete diodes in three major packaging styles; axial epoxy diodes, stud screw fit diodes and capsule (disc) diodes. Axial epoxy diodes are used for PCB mounting, stud screw fit diodes are used in applications such as welding and rotating rectifiers in brushless generators due to their robustness and simple mounting and capsule diodes are used in high power applications. Semikron's extensive range of diodes are used in standard and fast applications and are available in different case designs.

Semikron diode modules are designed for high current, uncommon topologies, natural cooling or when harsh conditions are required and feature hermetic sealing, compact cases, axial diodes for PCB mounting, rugged construction and an easy assembly.  

Semikron's product range offers standard rectifiers with current ratings up to 6000A, fast rectifiers up to 140A and avalanche rectifiers that allow high voltage rectification up to 5000V. Typical applications include: all-purpose rectifiers, welding equipment, battery chargers, electroplating, free-wheeling diodes, high voltage rectifiers, electrostatic filters, blocking diodes and rotating rectifiers in brushless generators.

With over 50 years experience in the semiconductor industry and millions of units produced every year, Semikron's portfolio provides products that are competitive, flexible and highly reliable.

Find out more about Semikron Diodes in the Discrete Diodes Brochure.

Semikron Diodes

Semikron's extensive range features diodes ranging from 1A to 6000A which are available in a range of packages, including: Capsule, Leaded and Stud Screw Fit (Standard, Fast Recovery and Avalanche).


Avalanche Diodes

Available in 20A to 400A.

1300V up to 5000V (Vrrm).

Leaded or Stud Screw Fit.

Typical applications include controllable and non-controllable rectifiers and freewheeling diodes.

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Capsule Diodes

Only available as either 4000A or 6000A (at 50 and 85 Degrees Case respectively)

Available in low voltages, 200V up to 600V (Vrrm).

The low profile of these diodes ensure the lowest thermal resistance and are suited for water cooling.

Typical applications include welding and electroplating.

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Fast Recovery Diodes

Available in 17A to 140A.

400V up to 1700V (Vrrm).

Stud Screw Fit.

Typical applications include controllable and non-controllable rectifiers and freewheeling diodes.

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Standard Recovery Diodes

Available in 20A to 400A.

400V up to 3000V (Vrrm).

Leaded or Stud Screw Fit.

New Range Includes: SKN 96, SKN 152, SKN 262, SKN 390, SKR 96, SKR 152, SKR 262 and SKR 390.

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Leaded Recovery Diodes

Available in 1.45A to 5A.

200 up to 1700V (Vrrm).

Standard Recovery or Avalanche.

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Semikron Ltd

SEMIKRON is a leading global semiconductor manufacturer. Semikron focuses on new markets such as renewable energy and hybrid vehicles as well as industrial applications such as electric drives, welding machines, lifts, power supplies, pumps, conveyor belts, trains and trams.

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