Power Assemblies and Controllers


  • IXYS AC Controller Thyristors

    IXYS offer a wide range of AC controller thyristors ranging from 30-650A. The thyristor is designed to provide elctrical isolation between the base plate of the module and the parts, …

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  • IXYS Thyristors

    IXYS are a world-leading manufacturer of power semiconductors, they manufacture a wide range of Thyristors that are available in several topologies: Thyristor Modules (Single Thyristors and Dual Thyristors) and Discrete …

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  • IXYS UK Distributed Gate Thyristors

    IXYS UK are a world leader in distributed gate technology and offer a large range of Distributed Gate Thyristors (capsule types). These devices are available with blocking voltages to 4.5kV …

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  • IXYS UK Fast Turn-off Thyristors

    IXYS UK Westcode's "P" series of Fast Switching Thyristors have regenerative gate structure to ensure low switching losses and high di/dt performance. offer "P" series devices are suitable for existing …

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  • IXYS UK Medium Voltage Thyristors

    IXYS UK offers state-of-the-art Thyristors which are suited for most applications, the range features: Medium Voltage Thyristors (capsule types), Fast Turn-Off Thyristors (stud and capsule types), Distributed Gate Thyristors, Asymmetric …

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  • Semikron Thyristors

    Semikron manufacture a wide range of discrete thyristors, available as stud screw fit types that are convenient for applications which require simple mounting and capsule (disc) types that are used …

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