Power Assemblies and Controllers

Power Semiconductor Assemblies

  • GD Rectifiers Power Assemblies

    GD Rectifiers offer a wide range of Standard and Custom Designed Power Assemblies for all industrial power applications and have over 50 years of experience in design, custom solutions, manufacture …

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  • IXYS UK Power Assemblies

    Standard Assemblies

    IXYS UK offer three separate designs: a totally independent 3.3kV system, a 6.6kV system and a 10kV system. The 6.6kv and 10kv systems are based on the combination …

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  • Semikron Power Assemblies

    SEMIKRON manufacture rectifier and inverter stack assemblies from 5kW up to 5MW.

    Stacks are assemblies that include the power semiconductor modules, gate driver, snubbers, protection, DC link capacitors and cooling. …

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