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January 2021 – IXYS Discrete IGBTs Featured in Bodo’s Power Systems

Published on: 28/01/2021

Introducing Littelfuse’s big voltage, little packages IGBTs

IXYS Discrete IGBTs by GD Rectifiers


IXYS Discrete IGBTs by GD Rectifiers

IXYS: a Littelfuse technology offers a wide range of high voltage discrete packaged IGBTs as featured in this week’s Bodo’s Power Systems newsletter. 


High Voltage IXYS Discrete IGBTs

1) IXYS offers the widest voltage range of discrete IGBTs in the market, up to 4kV

2) Standard and proprietary packages available

– With or without isolation

– Isolation up to 4kV

3) Positive temperature coefficient of VCE(sat) and VF

– Easy to parallel and achieve high power density applications

4) IGBTs and BiMOSFETs are the perfect solution for pulsed power and capacitive discharge applications

5) Customisable DCB isolated SMPD package enables a high-degree of circuit flexibility as well as simplified PCB mounting


GD Rectifiers is an official distributor for IXYS, now part of Littelfuse, and stocks their complete range of diodes, IGBTs, inverter modules, MOSFETs, rectifier bridges, AC controlled thyristors, SIC power MOSFETs, SiC schottky diodes, switchable current regulators, thyristors, thyristor diode modules and thyristor module accessories.


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