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August 2023 – Littelfuse announces IXYS Product Discontinuation

Littelfuse announces IXYS Product Discontinuation for SOT-227UI package

Littelfuse announces IXYS product discontinuation

Littelfuse announces IXYS Product Discontinuation


Littelfuse have announced their plans to transition the IXYS diode SOT-227UI package to end of life (EOL) due to low demand. No replacement will be provided due to the low demand. Part number DHG40C600PB (Power Diode Disc-Sonic TO-220AB/TO-220FP) will be EOL this time together due to low demand, following it originally being obsoleted in 2020.

The changes will be effective from 22nd August 2023.


Part Number Package
DSEK300-06A Pwr Diode Disc-FRED SOT-227UI(MINIBLOC)
DSEC240-06A Pwr Diode Disc-FRED SOT-227UI(MINIBLOC)
DSEC240-04A Pwr Diode Disc-FRED SOT-227UI(MINIBLOC)
DSS2X160-0045A PwrDiodeDisc-SchottkySOT-227UI(MINIBLOC)
DSS2X160-01A PwrDiodeDisc-SchottkySOT-227UI(MINIBLOC)
DSA320A100NB PwrDiodeDisc-SchottkySOT-227UI(MINIBLOC)
DHG40C600PB Power Diode Disc-Sonic TO-220AB/TO-220FP


GD Rectifiers is an authorised distributor for IXYS, IXYS Integrated Circuits and IXYS UK Westcode.

For further information on this product discontinuation notice or to discuss your requirements with our sales team, please contact GD Rectifiers on 01444 243 452 or email


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