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September 2023 – Discontinuation of 1200V, 4A Co-pack Discrete IGBTs- IXA4IF1200**

Introducing the latest IXYS discrete IGBTs product discontinuation

IXYS discrete IGBTs


Littelfuse has announced the discontinuation of 1200V, 4A Co-pack Discrete IGBT. Both the existing and the last time buy orders will be fulfilled with the new Co-pack diode chip having same electrical specifications as old diode chip.


IXYS Discrete IGBTs Product Discontinuation

Reason of change: Discontinuation of production of the old diode chip


Last time buy date: September 15, 2023
Form, fit, function changes: No change in the form, fit or function.


Description of Change:

  1. Bill of Material (BOM) 2. Reliability
  2. Reliability


APPENDIX A: Description of change

  1. Bill of Material (BOM)

Co-pack diode chip replaced with similar electrical characteristics.

  1. Reliability Result:

Passed, more details can be made available on request.


APPENDIX B: Affected parts list

Affected Part Numbers Package
IXA4IF1200UC TO-252
IXA4IF1200PZ TO-263
IXA4IF1200TC TO-268


For further information on this IXYS product discontinuation or to discuss your requirements with our team, please contact us on 01444 243 452 or email:


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