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February 2022 – Littelfuse announces new IXYS 3-Phase Rectifier Diode Module

Published on: 08/02/2022

Littelfuse expands its IXYS bipolar rectifier portfolio with an IXYS 3-Phase Rectifier Diode Module

Littelfuse IXYS 3-Phase Rectifier Diode Module

Littelfuse has this month expanded its bipolar rectifier portfolio by adding a 1600V 3-Phase bridge rectifier module, part number MDMA120U1600VA at 120A current ratings in the V1-A package. IXYS’ DCB based module provides the highest performance in thermal behaviour and power density. The long-term field reliability and stability is achieved due to the rugged rectifier designs. Target applications include DC motor control, battery chargers and power conversion.


  • Excellent voltage and current long-term stability
  • Easy PC board mounting
  • Simplified thermal management



  • Planar passivated chips
  • Soldering pins
  • 3.6kV isolation voltage



  • AC-DC conversion
  • DC motor control
  • Input rectifier in industrial inverters
  • Battery chargers


Technical Information

Parameter MDMA120U1600VA
VRRM, (V) 1600
VRSM, (V) 1700
IDAVM, (A) 120
@ TH, (°C)
@ Tc, (°C) 110
IFSM, 10 ms, Tvj = 45°C, (A) 850
VT0, (V) 1.0.79
rT, (mOhms) 1.5.90
Tvjm, (°C) 150
RthJC, per chip (K/W) 1.0.65
RthJH, per chip (K/W) 1.0.20
Package Style V1-A-Pack


Download Datasheet

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