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November 2017 – IXYS UK Westcode Introduces 6kV 6000A Rectifier Diode

Published on: 15/11/2017

This week IXYS UK announces the launch of a very high current 6kV 6000A rectifier diode

IXYS UK Westcode 6kV, 6000A Rectifier Diode

IXYS UK Westcode has this week announced the launch of it’s new very high current 6kV rectifier diode with an average current rating up to 6395A at a heatsink temperature of 55°C. The new device is IXYS’ highest yet current rated rectifier diode in this voltage class and it is believed to be the highest current rating available today on the open market, breaking new ground in power handling capacity.


IXYS UK Westcode 6kV 6000A Rectifier Diode

IXYS’ new 6kV device is encapsulated in a fully hermetic package with an 85mm electrode diameter and overall diameter of 124mm. The new diode is available in two package thickness options of 26mm and 35mm thick, with respective RMS current ratings of 11.77kA and 10.6kA at 25°C and surge ratings of more than 60Ka.

The silicon die is directly bonded to a metallic disc, the new 96mm die device is constructed using a new and improved process when compared to IXYS’ earlier current rectifier diode designs. The new structure offers both improved transient thermal conditions and overall greater robustness, when compared to the designs with free floating silicon. The thermal capacity of the metal disc and its direct fusion to the silicon enhances performance and presents excellent transient thermal and surge current ratings.

One of the benefits of the new design is that whilst maintaining an industry standard footprint, the device allows for the maximum silicon package ratio and represents much higher current density than designs using older technology and is suitable for application with power ratings up to 10MW and more.

The devices high current handling capability offers the opportunity to replace smaller devices operated in parallel to achieve power ratings not previously attainable in a single device. The press-pack construction also makes the device a first-choice solution where devices are required to be operated in series for medium and high voltage operations.

The device is available in three standard voltage grades and the part number designations are as follows: for the 26mm thick package, W6360EC520 at 5.3kV, W6360EC560 at 5.6kV and W6360EC600 for 6kv and for the 35mm thick package: W5715ED520 at 5.2kV, W5715ED560 at 5.6kV and W5715ED600 for 6kV.

Typical applications for this device include: medium and high voltage rectifiers for applications in utilities and grid solutions; very high current chemical power supplies and other industrial applications which require both very high current and voltage.


GD Rectifiers are an authorised distributor for IXYS UK Westcode and stock their complete product range of: fuses, heatsinks, capacitors, power assemblies, diodes, IGBTs and a wide range of thyristors, including: GTO thyristors, distributed gate thyristors, fast turn-off thyristors and medium voltage thyristors.

For further information on the IXYS UK Westcode product portfolio or on the new 6kV, 6000A rectifier diode please call: 01444 243 452 or email:



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