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November 2016 – Semikron MiniSKiiP Power Modules

Published on: 14/11/2016

Discover the Semikron MiniSKiiP power modules featuring fast, cost efficient and reliable one screw mounting

SEMIKRON MiniSKiiP Power Modules

Semikron MiniSKiiP modules are designed for 600V/650V, 1200V and 1700V with a power range that covers 4A-400A, providing a possible inverter output power of 90kW

Semikron’s MiniSKiiP modules are easy to assemble and service friendly spring-contact for load and gate terminals. Compared to conventionally soldered modules, where expensive soldering equipment is required for time consuming solder processes, no special tools are needed for MiniSKiiP assembly. Instead, a single screw connection is used. The printed circuit board (PCB), the power module and the heat sink are assembled in one mounting step.


Semikron MiniSKiiP Power Modules

The connection technology that SEMIKRON use has numerous advantages:

1. The PCB can be more flexible in design, as the power circuit board does not need to include holes for the solder pins. Providing a fast and easy assembly

2. The springs provide a flexible connection between the PCB and the power circuitry which is far superior to soldered joint, particularly under thermal or mechanical stress conditions.

3. An air-tight, reliable electrical connection is achieved thanks to the high mechanical pressure provided by the springs.

4. Current range 4A to 400A for inverter range up to 90kw with one product platform

5. Comprehensive setup of topologies: CIB, 6-pack, twin 6-pack, H-bridge, half bridge, 3-level, bridge rectifiers with brake chopper


MiniSKiiP Product Range

Semikron MiniSKiiP modules are designed for 600V/650V, 1200V and 1700V with a 4A-400A nominal chip currents and feature IGBT technology in combination with the CAL diodes. The 1200V Trench IGBT4 and CAL 4 diodes are designed for maximum junction temperatures of 175℃. In addition to CIB, 6-pack, twin 6-pack, H-bridge, half bridge3-level and uncontrolled/half controlled rectifiers plus brake chopper, custom-specific modules are also available. For fast evaluation, lab test boards can be ordered for each module type.


MiniSKiiP Applications

Key applications include a large range of Inverters; standard drives, stand alone drives, servo drives, system drives, solar inverters, UPS systems and welding machines.  Due to the high reliability of spring contacts, applications such as agricultural vehicles or pitch motors of windmills benefit from the MiniSKiiP technology as well.

GD Rectifiers are a UK Distributor for Semikron, we stock a wide range of components, heat sinks and hardware, view the complete range here.

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