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Semikron is one of the world's leading manufacturers of power modules and systems primarily in the medium output range. The family business was founded in 1951 in Germany, Semikron has been manufacturing products at the heart of modern energy efficient motor drives and industrial automation systems for over 50 years. Semikron's state-of-the-art power electronic products enable our customers to develop smaller and more energy efficient power electronic systems, which in turn reduce the demand of global energy.  

Further application areas include: power supplies, renewable energies (wind and solar power) and utility vehicles. Semikron's innovative power electronic products enable our customers to develop smaller, more efficient power electronic systems which reduces the global energy demand. 

GD Rectifiers is the UK's Official Distributor for Semikron, stocking a wide range of components, heatsinks and hardware.

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Semikron Thyristors

IGBT Modules

Semikron offers IGBT (Insulated-gate bipolar transistor) modules in: SEMITRANS, SEMiX, SKiM, MiniSKiiP and SEMITOP packages in different topologies, current and volatge ratings. Starting from 4A to 1400A in voltage classes from 600V to 1700V. Semikron's IGBT Modules are used in a large range of applications offering key technologies such as: sintering, spring or pressfit contacts for easy and fast assembly. Different topologies like CIB (converter inverter brake), halfbridge, H-bridge, 6-pack and 3-level are available in order to cover almost all application fields. The lastest IGBT chip and diode technologies offer optimised switching performance up to Tj max = 175°C.

SEMIX - Half bridge 6-pack chopper: 600V, 1200V, 1700V, 75A - 600A
Semitrans - Half bridge 6-pack chopper single switch: 600V, 1200V, 1700V, 35A - 900A
SKIM - 6-pack: 600V, 1200V, 1700V, 300A - 900A
MiniSKiiP - 6-pack: 600V, 1200V, 8A - 150A

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IGBT Drivers

Semikron offers two different types of IGBT driver families for any application. Driver cores from the SKHI and SKYPER family can be optimised using adapter boards for each module type. Drivers such as SKYPER prime offer a fully qualified plug and play solution, saving customers time and costs in application.

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Semikron offers discrete diodes in three major packaging styles: axial epoxy diodes for PCB mounting, stud screw fit diodes that are convenient for applications such as welding and rotating rectifiers in brushless generators due to their robustness and simple mounting, besides the capsule (disc) for high power applications.

Axial Screw Diodes - 4800V - 8000V, 135A - 270A
Capsule Diodes -  200V - 600V, 6000A

Stud Screw Fit Diodes - 200V - 1600V, 37A - 4500A
Leaded Diodes -  200V - 1600V, 60A - 190A

View the complete Semikron Diodes range here.

Diode & Thyristor Modules

Semikron's Diode and Thyristor Modules are available in various packages: SEMIPACK, SEMiSTART, SEMIPOINT and SEMITOP. Different contact technologies are available, including: soldered contact, bonded contact or pressure contact modules. The Diode and Thyristor Modules are available in a variety of dual and single topologies for almost all phase control or rectifier applications. The Diode and Thyristor Modules are equipped with Semikron chips and with voltages up to 2200V, the optimal solution for each application can be found.

Semikpack 6 - 1400V - 2200V, 740A - 1200A
Semipack 5 - 800V - 2600V, 460A - 700A
Semipack 3,4 - 800V - 2200V, 210A 600A

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View the complete Semikron Diode & Thyristor Modules range here.


Integrated Power Modules (IPM)

Semikron's SKiiP (Semikron integrated intelligent power) Modules combine IGBT modules, gate drive and cooling technology in one set-up and all components are perfectly matched. Final testing at the end of production, including a one hour burn-in test which ensures the highest reliability in the application.The SKiiPs are available in two product lines, SKiiP3 and SKiiP4. SKiiP3 operates safely and reliably with applications in a current range from 500A to 2400A both in 1200V and 1700V technology. SKiiP4 provides an incresed level of reliability with an extended junction temperature of up to a maximum of 175°C and an extended current rating. The current ranges from 1800A to 3600A, both in the 1200V and 1700V volatge classes. The elevated junction temperatures for the SKiiP4 became reliable with the introduction of Semikron's sintered technology.

MiniSKiiP IPM - 600V - 1200V
SKiiP 4 - 1200V - 1700V Half bridge, 1800A - 3600A
SkiiP 3 - 1200V - 1700V, 1000A - 2400A


MOSFET Modules

Semikron manufactures MOSFET (Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor) modules in: single switch, half bridge, H-bridge and 6 Pack configuration in SEMITOP adn SEMITRANS packages. The MOSFET modules are available in the volateg range of 55V - 600V and current ratings of 40A - 290A which are especially designed for high-speed switching offering low switching losses.  

SemiTrans - 100 V - 200 V 130 A - 200 A
Semtop - 55 V - 100 V 80 A - 290 A

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Semikron's Discrete Thyristors are available as stud screw fit types, they are ideal for applictaions that require robustness and simple mounting along with capsule (disc) types for high power applications. This product range has phase control types for current ratings up to 1200A, with blocking and reverse voltages up to 1800V. Typical applications include: resistance heating, static switches, battery chargers and welding equipment.

Capsule Thyristor - 400V - 1800V, 1200V - 1800V, 340A - 1200A

Stud Screw Fit Thyristor - 400V - 1600V, 400V - 1800V, 600V - 1200V, 10A - 300A

View the complete Semikron Discrete Thyristor range here.


Bridge Rectifiers

Semikron offers a wide range of Bridge Rectifiers, ranging from a few amps to several hundred amps in different package types. Bridge Rectifiers are components which have every branch of a rectifier circuit in a single, compact case. Semikron manufactures Bridge Rectifier Modules in a single phase or 3-phase topology with or without brake chopper. The Bridge Rectifier modules are available in different packages including: SEMiX, SEMITOP, SEMIPOINT and MiniSKiiP.

MiniSKiiP - 1600V - 1800V, 82A - 124A

Power Bridge - 100V - 1600V, 200V - 1600V, 400V - 1600V, 400V - 1800V, 400V - 2200V, 9A - 83A

SEMIPOINT - 200V - 1600V, 400V - 1400V, 400V - 1800V, 600V - 1400V, 800V - 1400V, 800V - 1800V, 900V - 1800V, 28A - 207A

SEMITOP - 800V - 1600V, 1200V, 1600V, 55A - 170A

SEMiX -  1200V - 1700V, 154A - 494A


Converter Inverter Brake (CIB)

MiniSKiiP - 600V - 1200V, 4A - 100A 

View the Semikron MiniSKiiP 1 Datasheet here.

View the Semikron MiniSKiiP 3 Datasheet here.

Semitop - 600V - 1200V, 10A - 200A

View the Semikron Semitop Datasheet here.

Silicon Carbide Semiconductors

Semikron's hybrid and full silicon carbide power modules combine the benefits of proven industry standard power modules with Semikron's packaging technologies. The low module commutation inductance allows for full speed switching of SiC MOSFETs and the higher switching speeds can be converted into higher switching frequencies.   

Full SiC Modules - 18-541A, 1200V

View the Semikron Silicon Carbide Power Modules Range

Hybrid SiC Modules - 25-600A, 1200V

View the Semikron Hybrid Silicon Carbide Power Modules Range



Semikron manufactures a large range of heat sinks, including forced and natural air cooling and water coolers. Semikron's heat sinks are available for capsules, insulated base modules and IPMs. Semikron's extensive range of Heatsinks are used worldwide throughout the rail and automotive industries. 

View the complete Semikron Heatsink range here.

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Semikron Ltd

SEMIKRON is a leading global semiconductor manufacturer. Semikron focuses on new markets such as renewable energy and hybrid vehicles as well as industrial applications such as electric drives, welding machines, lifts, power supplies, pumps, conveyor belts, trains and trams.

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