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November 2016 – RF Power Modules

Published on: 04/11/2016

Radio Frequency Modules Explained

RF Power Modules


What is an RF Module?

RF Power Modules are small electronic circuits which receive, transmit or transceive radio waves on a number of frequencies. RF is an abbreviation for Radio Frequency, and are used in consumer applications such as wireless alarm systems and smart senor applications. RF Modules are often used instead of infrared remote controls because they do not require a line-of-sight operation.


RF Modules & Solutions from GD Rectifiers

GD Rectifiers stock a wide range of RF Modules and Solutions from the world’s leading manufacturer, IXYS. IXYS RF Power Modules combine state-of-the-art CMOS gate driver ICs and power RF MOSFETs in single devices to enable more compact and efficient designs along with a reduced parts count. The modules are packaged in IXYS RF’s low-inductance RF package incorporating layout techniques to minimise stray lead inductances for optimum switching performance in a surface-mountable device.

Applications for RF Modules

RF Modules are widely used in wireless power electronics, below is a list of typical applications where RF Modules are used in:

1. Access control systems

2. Alarm systems and wireless transmission for low-rate digital signals

3. Area paging

4. Biological signal acquisition

5. Digital home automation

6. Digital video/audio transmission

7. Hydrological and meteorological monitoring

8. Industrial data acquisition systems

9. Industrial remote controls

10. Reading of radio tags

11. Remote controls

12. RF contact-less smart cards

13. Robot remote control

14. Small range wireless networks

15. Telemetry

16. Telemetry and remote sensing

17. Vehicle monitoring

18. Wireless data terminals

19. Wireless data transmissions

20. Wireless fire protection systems

21. Wireless home security systems

22. Wireless meter reading


GD Rectifiers are the Official IXYS RF Distributor in the UK and Europe. We offer the widest range of RF Modules:


RM Amplifiers




Hybrid Modules 


RF Drivers 


Gunn Diodes



For further information on all IXYS RF products please click here or contact our friendly sales team today on: 01444 243 452 /


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