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November 2016 – Discrete Semiconductors

Published on: 29/11/2016

All you need to know about discrete semiconductors including types and applications

Discrete semiconductors

What is a Discrete Semiconductor?

A discrete semiconductor device functions in its own package and is not built on a common semiconductor substrate with other components. It is not sold as part of a premade circuit and include a variety of different components: rectifiers, diodes, transistors and thyristors are all discrete semiconductors.

Types of Discrete Semiconductors

There are several different kinds of discrete semiconductors at GD Rectifiers. We stock most of the common discrete types, including: Diodes, Rectifiers, Thyristors, MOSFETs and Power Modules.

We stock discrete semiconductors from several of the world’s largest manufacturers, including:  IXYS, IXYS UK Westcode, Semikron, Dynex, Vishay, Infineon, Semtech, EDI, Powersem, Fuji Electric and Mitsubishi.


Discrete Semiconductor Applications

There are many applications that use Discrete Semiconductors including:

1. Voltage regulation

2. Tuning of radio and TV receivers

3.  Surge Protection

4. Amplification and sound reproduction

5. Power conversion

6. Temperature measurement

7. Current steerling

8. Logic gates

9. General switching

10. Signal processing


GD Rectifiers supplies semiconductor devices and builds semiconductor assemblies for all these applications and can help with design and prototype production. From micro amps to megawatts, we are at your service.

For further information on discrete semiconductors please contact our friendly sales team on:

01444 243 452 /


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