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June 2020 – Semikron’s Bipolar Modules

Published on: 19/06/2020

Semikron’s SEMIPACK was the first insulated power module on the market, and 40 years later Semikron’s Bipolar Modules are still a pioneering range in power electronics

Semikron's Bipolar Modules by GD Rectifiers, white thyristor module device on a grey background

Semikron’s Bipolar module product family boasts a comprehensive range of packages and configurations from the market leader to suit applications like drives, power supplies or power quality.

The bipolar power modules for the thyristor, thyristor/diode or diode modules include input rectifiers (single-phase, three-phase, uncontrolled, half-controlled or controlled) for inverters or UPS systems, soft start applications and control systems.


Semikron’s Bipolar Modules: Benefits

SEMIPACK delivers a well-established industrial standard with regard to footprint and module outline. Semikron’s SemiSel provides a free online calculation and simulation tool for losses and temperature, so that the power electronic system developer is able to make the perfect power module choice.


Product Range

Semikron’s SEMIPACK product line consists of seven modules covering voltage classes from 800V to 2200V, insulation voltages of 3.6kv, 4.8kv@1s and a current range from 15A to 1360A. the range includes uncontrolled, half-controlled and controlled rectifier modules. Semikron also offer custom topologies, single thyristor or diode modules and SEMIPACK modules featuring fast switching diodes for dedicated applications. The SEMIPACK FAST product line covers a current range form 40A to 600A with voltage classes from 600V to 1700V. The portfolio of the SEMIPACK product line is extended continuously to meet market requirements.

Semikron Bipolar Modules by GD Rectifiers


Key Features

  • Industrial standard thyristor/diode modules
  • Market experience for over 40 years
  • Broad power and topology range
  • 800V up to 2200V
  • 15A up to 1360A
  • Uncontrolled, half controlled and controlled rectifiers
  • Single thyristors and diodes


Enhanced Insulation voltage

Visol = 4.8Kv@1s


  • All SEMIPACKs have an insulation voltage of 3.6V@1s
  • In some applications, a higher insulation voltage is needed. Suitable modules with an insulation voltage of 4.8kV@1s are also available to meet this demand



Semikron enhanced insulation graph by GD Rectifiers

Options for SEMIPACK 3

Customers can choose between two versions:

  • High reliability pressure contact modules for applications with heavy-duty load or high thermal cycling requirements
  • Cost effective bonded modules with identical footprint and terminals

Semikron Semipack 3 by GD Rectifiers


Case Size VRRMP VDRM in V ITAV IFAV in A (Tc=85*C) Design (packaging technology)
SEMIPACK 0 600 – 1600 15 bonded
SEMIPACK 1 400 – 2200 20 – 140 soldered
SEMIPACK 2 800 – 2200 122 – 215 bonded
SEMIPACK 3 800 – 2200 250 – 460 bonded or pressure contact
SEMIPACK 4 800- 2200 300 – 720 pressure contact
SEMIPACK 5 1200 – 2200 460 – 820 pressure contact
SEMIPACK 6 1800 – 2200 820 – 1360 pressure contact

Semikron Circuit Topologies by GD Rectifiers

GD Rectifiers is proud to be an approved distributor for Semikron, offering customers their comprehensive range of diodes, IGBT modules, IGBT drivers, MOSFETs, rectifier bridges, SiC power modules, SiC hybrid power modules, thyristors, thyristor/diode modules, power assemblies and heat sinks.


For further information on Semikron’s product range, or to discuss your requirements, please call GD Rectifiers on: 01444 243 452 or email:


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