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February 2018 – IXYS UK Westcode Thyristor & Diode Modules

Published on: 08/02/2018

Find out more about IXYS UK Westcode Thyristor & Diode Modules

IXYS UK Westcode Thyristor & Diode Modules.

IXYS UK Westcode’s wide range of isolated base pressure contact thyristor and diode modules are available in 9 standard configurations, all devices offer full pressure contact construction for maximum reliability and performance at rated current.

The range features a Vrrm/Vdrm between 1200V and 3600V, they are available as dual thyristors, dual diode or thyristor/diode options. Single diode/single thyristor options are also available.


IXYS UK Westcode Thyristor & Diode Modules: Features & Benefits

  • Vrrm/Vdrm up to 3600V
  • Electrically isolated baseplate
  • Industry standard package
  • UL recognition
  • Simplifies mechanical design
  • Rapid assembly
  • Full pressure contact construction


In 2016, IXYS UK announced additions to its standard range of power modules, including a new 327A, 3600V io2 pressure contact module and a new range of smaller io3/N3 modules with current ratings from 160A-544A and voltage ratings from 1400V-3600V.


The Thyristor and Diode modules are commonly used in the following applications: soft starts, industrial drives, wind power converters, welding and front end rectifiers.

IXYS UK Westcode Thyristor and Diode Modules

For further information on the complete IXYS UK Westcode product range please call our team today on: 01444 243 452 or email:


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