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April 2020 – Heatsink Services & Solutions by GD Rectifiers

Published on: 29/04/2020

Helping customers find the right heatsink for their project by offering a wide range of heatsink services & solutions

GD Rectifiers Heatsink Services & Solutions


Today, heatsinks are an essential part of every day life, they increase the surface over which a component or assembly can emit heat, helping to control the temperature and reduce the risk of over-heating and preventing any thermal damage.

GD Rectifiers supports customers in many ways by offering a broad range of services including: design, sourcing and stock holding, saw cutting, deburring, machining, finishing and tool making. GD Rectifiers are experts in thermal solutions and have been supplying heatsinks and accessories to engineers and procurement specialists for over 50 years.

GD Rectifiers works with customers to help solve design problems or improve heatsink performance by saving money, time and material costs. Using CAD (computer aided design) and CAM (computer aided manufacturing) software, they can receive drawings or models from CAD systems or work directly with customers on the design options and process.

GD Rectifiers can provide prototypes quickly, assisting with any necessary design modifications along the way. GD Rectifiers works with customers to organise scheduled orders and delivery for large production runs to avoid any unnecessary delays.


Heatsink Services & Solutions

GD Rectifiers offers an extensive range of standard and customised heatsinks, heatsink accessories and heatsink assemblies. They stock and machine a large range of heatsinks suitable for stud, modules and capsule semiconductors. GD Rectifiers heatsinks are used in leading rail, automotive, marine, LED lighting, solar, electrical and industrial equipment across the world.

GD Rectifiers have over 160 profiles in stock and customers can browse the heatsink range by device type, part number or by using the using the comparison guide on their website. They also welcome enquiries on particular heatsink designs that are not currently shown on the website and are keen to discuss quotes further with customers on: 01444 243 452.


Customised Heatsinks

GD Rectifiers Customised Heatsinks

GD Rectifiers offers a cost effective range of customised heatsinks and are capable of manufacturing bespoke heatsinks to customer specific lengths. GD Rectifiers supply premium heatsinks to meet customer requirements, available on a fast turn-around with expert technical support.


Forced Air-cooled Heatsinks

Forced Air Cooled Heatsinks by GD Rectifiers

GD Rectifiers’ forced-air cooled heatsinks are used for the cooling of power semiconductor modules for traction and auxiliary power units, predominantly in rail vehicles and the cooling of inverter modules and frequency converters. Forced-air cooled heatsinks allow more air to be forced into the system than what is being pumped out due to the imbalance of the positive airflow.


Hollow Fin Heatsinks

Hollow Fin Heatsinks by GD Rectifiers

Used in a wide range of applications, hollow fin heatsinks are characterised by their shape of fins. GD Rectifiers offers precision and maximum thermal efficiency in their range of hollow fin heatsinks.


LED Heatsinks

LED Heatsinks by GD Rectifiers

GD Rectifiers offer a large range of LED heatsinks designed to cool lighting devices by absorbing and dispersing excess heat away from LED diodes.


Solid Fin Heatsinks

Solid Fin Heatsinks by GD Rectifiers

GD Rectifiers designs and manufactures solid fin heatsinks, used in devices for industrial controls, medical, military, motor drives, power controls, solar energy and wind energy applications.


Oil Cooled Heatsinks

 Oil Cooled Heatsinks by GD Rectifiers

GD Rectifiers offers custom built cold plates/oil cooled heatsinks for cooling isolated modules and capsule devices.


Water Cooled Heatsinks

Water Cooled Heatsinks by GD Rectifiers

GD Rectifiers’ range of high quality, cost effective water coolers/water cooled heatsinks are designed for isolated base thyristor, diode and IGBT modules.



Heatsink Extrusion by GD Rectifiers

GD Rectifiers has a vast range of experience in heatsinks, from start to finish, including aluminium extrusions, CNC machining, deburring and finishing options. Their full range of services include: metal sourcing, design assistance, extrusion, fabrication and finishing.


CNC Machining

CNC Machining by GD Rectifiers


GD Rectifiers offers a precision CNC machining and milling service at their factory in Burgess Hill, West Sussex. They have dedicated CNC machinery used purely for machining heatsink to bespoke outline specified by customers.

GD Rectifiers are able to skim, drill and tap any heatsink from their range to customer specifications, no matter how complicated the design.

GD Rectifiers boosts a highly skilled workforce and specialises in high quality batch-work machining. The CNC machines are up to 1000m with a saw capacity of 500mm x 200mm.



GD Rectifiers has extensive experience in deburring aluminium extrusion profiles and aluminium components.



Clamps for capsules – GD Rectifiers offers a wide range of clamps for capsules that are used in power semiconductor assemblies. They are also able to increase or decrease the clamping forces that the clamps exert which makes them suitable for a wider range of capsules. GD Rectifiers’ clamps are suitable to be used with all semiconductor manufacturer’s components and devices.

Clamps for capsules by GD Rectifiers



Busbar insulators  

GD Rectifiers offers customers a broad range of busbar insulators designed to mount power fuses and heatsinks that require high mechanical strength, low tracking index and voltage insulation. Their range of insulators are encapsulated with M6, M8 or M10 inserts.

Busbar Insulators by GD Rectifiers 


Busbars for modules

GD Rectifiers offer a large range of copper busbars for modules, designed for various isolated modules, usually 20A-1400A. These busbars for modules are used in power supply units, data centres, factories, universities and hospitals.

Busbars for Modules by GD Rectifiers 


AC and DC axial fans 

GD Rectifiers has designed and built standard axial fans for engine cooling, ventilation, air conditioning, heating and refrigeration markets all over the UK. They offer a wide range of AC and DC axial fans which are also used in their power assemblies.

 AC and DC Axial Fans by GD Rectifiers


Thermal trips

GD Rectifiers’ surface mount bimetallic thermal trips are designed for the protection of power semiconductors against over-temperature. The range covers 40-230°C and is used in mountings, heaters, cooling fans and heatsinks.

Thermal Trips by GD Rectifiers


Thermal compound

GD Rectifiers distributes SCX-13, a prime grade zinc thermal compound that enhances electrical and thermal conductivity when used on high power jointing, heatsink, crimp connections and stud bolt mountings.

 Thermal Compound by GD Rectifiers


For further information on GD Rectifiers’ extensive range of heatsinks, accessories and assemblies, please call our sales team today on: 01444 243 452 or email:


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