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Thermal Compound

SCX-13 contains prime grade zinc and is formulated with 50% metallic zinc to create a compound that enhances electrical and thermal conductivity when used on high power jointing, heatsink, crimp connections and stud bolt mountings.

When the connection is tightened, the grease is displaced, leaving a layer of zinc filling in the surface imperfections of the interface. This has a twofold effect: it improves the electrical conductivity and it improves thermal conductivity. This reduces the connection temperature under high power conditions by a reduced voltage drop and by providing a heat conductivity path to the connection’s substrate.

SCX is manufactured by Jet-Lube with a unique grease compounded from custom refined low sulphur oil. The grease base ensures brushability over a wide temperature range, tenacious adherence to all surfaces, resistance to water wash out and the prevention of rust/corrosion. This makes the product easier and more reliable to use.


• Makes connections more reliable

• Makes connections more weatherproof

• Protects connections from corrosion

• Reduces temperature rise

• Low sulphur content

• Non-reactive, no gassing in storage

• Brushable over a wide temperature range

• Sticks to wet joints 


View the SCX13 Datasheet here. 



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