Power Assemblies and Controllers


  • Aluminium Heatsinks

    GD Rectifiers are the UK’s leading manufacturer of standard and custom designed Aluminium Heatsinks, Heatsink Accessories and Heatsink Assemblies. They supply an extensive range of Aluminium Heatsinks to some of …

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  • Custom Heatsinks

    GD Rectifiers is Europe's Leading Manufacturer of Standard and Custom Designed Heatsinks, they offer the most comprehensive range of cost effective solutions for today's global market.

    Using the very latest …

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  • Forced-Air Cooled Heatsinks

    GD Rectifiers are the UK's leading manufacturer of Forced-Air Cooled Heatsinks. Heatsinks are an essential requirement in modern day electronics, they are used to reduce their temperature through increased thermal …

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  • Hollow Fin Heatsinks

    GD Rectifiers manufacture a range of Hollow Fin Heatsinks used in a wide range of applications, including: Communications, industrial controls, medical, military, motor drives, power controls, solar energy, transportation and …

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  • IXYS UK Heatsinks

    IXYS UK stock a range of high efficiency Heatsinks, they specialise in Air Cooled and Solid Fin Heatsinks. Heatsinks are passive heat exchangers, they transfer heat generated by electronic or …

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  • Semikron Heatsinks

    Semikron offers a broad range of heat sinks, including: forced and natural air cooling and coolers. Semikron’s heat sinks are available for capsules, insulated base modules and IPMs.

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  • Solid Fin Heatsinks

    GD Rectifiers design and manufacture a wide range of Solid Fin Heatsinks which are typically used in devices across numerous industries including: Industrial controls, medical, military, motor drives, power controls, …

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  • Water and Oil Cooled Heatsinks

    Water Cooled Heatsinks

    GD Rectifiers manufactures a large range of high quality, low cost water coolers for isolated base thyristor, diode and IGBT modules. They are …

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