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September 2021 – IXYS RF Product Discontinuation

Published on: 22/09/2021

IXYS RF Product Discontinuation: IXYS Integrated Circuits announces final IXYS RF PCN

IXYS RF Product Information by GD Rectifiers. IXYS RF Product Discontinuation.

As part of the Littelfuse IXYS Integrated Circuits Division’s (IXYS ICD) product lifecycle-management process, the following IXYS RF products have been transitioned to an “end-of-life” (EOL) status:

  • C-0010-375-501N21A
  • DE150-102N02A
  • DE150-501N04A
  • DE275-102N06A
  • DE275X2-102N06A
  • DE275X2-501N16A
  • DE375-501N21A
  • DE375-102N12A
  • DE475-102N21A
  • IXRFD630
  • IXRFD631-NRF
  • IXZ210N50L2
  • IXZ2210N50L2


The following part numbers that were scheduled to be made obsolete will now still be available: IXFH12N100F and IXFH6N100F.


IXYS Integrated Circuits Division is offering a non-cancellable last time buy (LTB). Orders for LTB quantities must be received by 19th October 2021 and all LTB products must be shipped by 18th October 2022. IXYS ICD acceptance of last time buy orders is subject to product availability and once placed, LTB orders cannot be cancelled, rescheduled or returned.


IXYS Integrated Circuits Division will endeavour to complete all last time buy requests, severe supply chain constraints may mean they do not manage to ship all requested quantities. IXYS RF products have a maximum shelf life of 24 months and they ask that this is taken into consideration when placing final orders. This is the final PCN for all remaining IXYS RF products under the Littelfuse/IXYS portfolio.


The laser diode drivers and high voltage pulsers from the IXYS RF/DEI range are now supplied directly from GD Rectifiers via their new owners, Directed Energy/Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation. All products will be rebranded to DEI/BNC but products part numbers will remain the same.


For further information on the product range please contact our sales team today to discuss your requirements and product availability on: 01444 243 452 or email:


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