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May 2023 – Semikron Webinar: Silicon Carbide in AC Motor Drives

Join Semikron next month for their latest webinar on Silicon Carbide in AC Motor Drives

Semikron Webinar: Silicon Carbide in AC Motor Drives Webinar Banner

Semikron Danfoss a global technology leader in power electronics, has announced they will be launching a Silicon Carbide in AC Motor Drives webinar next month.


Silicon Carbide in AC Motor Drives Webinar

Tuesday 13th June 2023 3PM BST

Although silicon carbide has increased the efficiency of power converters in many applications, general purpose motor drives are yet to benefit from SiC due to cost and technical limitations. However, now with advanced technology and changing market conditions, silicon carbide makes sense in variable torque applications and when considering the complete motor drive, SiC proposes a significant return on investment. Semikron’s latest webinar is designed to help customers understand the reliability and benefits of this high-performance technology.


The Silicon Carbide in AC Motors webinar will be hosted by Semikron’s product Marketing Managers, Emiliano Meza and Carsten Schreiter.


The Silicon Carbide in AC Motor Drives webinar will cover the following:

  • Learn which aspects of a motor drive benefit from silicon carbide
  • See practical comparisons considering the entire motor drive system
  • Understand cost implications and payback period


Register for the next Semikron webinar here.


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