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May 2018 – IXYS UK Westcode Replacement Parts

Published on: 24/05/2018

With shorter lifecycles than ever before, discover the IXYS UK Westcode replacement parts for recently discontinued products

IXYS UK Westcode Replacement Parts by GD Rectifiers 

The amount of obsolescence parts in the electronic components industry has increased dramatically over the past 15 years. It is common for manufacturers to launch a product with a short lifecycle in comparison to the lifecycle of the equipment it is being used in, often discontinuing a product after just 12-18 months.

GD Rectifiers work closely with IXYS UK Westcode on product discontinuations, to ensure we find product solutions and replacements for our customers.

The list below details all of IXYS UK Westcode’s recent product discontinuations and the newer version or replacement parts that are to be used instead.

For customer specific parts, please contact GD Rectifiers direct on: 01444 243 452 or email:

View IXYS UK Westcode’s complete product range here.


IXYS UK Westcode Replacement Parts

IXYS Discontinued Part Number           Replacement Part Number  
A0516YC200 A0516YC240
A1237NC200 A1237NC240
MCO740-xxio1 MCO741-22io1
MCO800-xxio1 MCO801-xxio1
MDO1200-xxN1 MDO1201-xxN1
N0255WCxx0 N0465WNxx0
N0290SG120-160 N0290SC120-160
N0335SG120-160 N0335SC120-160
N0339WCxx0 N0465WNxx0
N0416SG040-160 N0416SC040-160
N0606YCxx0 N0795YNxx0
N0606YSxx0 N0795YNxx0
N0676YCxx0 N0795YNxx0
N0676YSxx0 N0795YNxx0
N0734YCxx0 N0795YNxx0
N0734YSxx0 N0795YNxx0
N0767YCxx0 N0795YNxx0
N0782YCxx0 N0795YNxx0
N1042LCxx0 N1075LN180
N1114LCxx0 N1075LN180
N1265LC120 N1140LN140
N1265LS120 N1140LN140
N1265LC160 N1075LN180
N1265LS160 N1075LN180
N1297NCxx0 N1467NCxx0
N3022ZCxx0 N3533ZCxx0
P0248SC10x P0248SC12x
P0248SG10x-12x P0248SC12x
P0273SC10x P0273SC12x
P0273SG10x-12x P0273SC12x
P0295WC12F P0295WC12E
P0306SC04x P0306SG04x-08x
P0311SC10x P0311SC12x
P0311SG10x-12x P0311SC12x
P0327WC10x P0327WC12x
P0330SCxxD P0330SCxxC
P0330SG04x-08x P0330SCxxC
P0366WCxxD P0366WCxxC
P0367WC12G P0367WC12F
P0389WCxxD P0389WCxxC
P0431SG04x-06x P0431SC04x-06x
P0838LCxxD P0838LC06C
R0717LCxxJ R0717LCxxH
R0736LCxxL R0736LCxxK
R0736LCxxM R0736LCxxK
R0809LC06B R0809LC10B
R0809LC06C R0809LC10B
R0809LC10C R0809LC10B
R0830LC10C R0830LC12C
R0830LC10D R0830LC12D
R0830LC10E R0830LC12E
R0830LC10F R0830LC12F
R0830LC10G R0830LC12F
R0830LC12G R0830LC12F
R0878LC16x R0878LC18x
R0929LC08A R0929LC10A
R0929LC08B R0929LC10B
R0929LC08C R0929LC10C
R0929LC08D R0929LC10C
R0929LC08E R0929LC10C
R0929LC10D R0929LC10C
R0929LC10E R0929LC10C
R0929LC12D R0929LC12C
R0929LC12E R0929LC12C
R0964LC08C R0964LC10C
R0964LC08D R0964LC10D
R0964LC08E R0964LC10E
R0964LC08F R0964LC10E
R0964LC10F R0964LC10E
R0964LC12F R0964LC12E
R0990LC04x R0990LC08x
R0990LC06x R0990LC08x
R1158NC24x R1158NC26x
R1178NC10x R1178NC14x
R1178NC12x R1178NC14x
R1211NC08x R1211NC12x
R1211NC10x R1211NC12x
R1271NC08B R1271NC12B
R1271NC08C R1271NC12C
R1271NC08D R1271NC12D
R1271NC08E R1271NC12E
R1271NC08G R1271NC08E
R1271NC10B R1271NC12B
R1271NC1C R1271NC12C
R1271NC10D R1271NC12D
R1271NC10E R1271NC12E
R1271NC10G R1271NC12E
R1280NC18x R1280NC21x
R1446NC08x R1446NC12x
R1446NC10x R1446NC12x
R1448NC14K R1448NC14J
R1448NC14L R1448NC14J
R1448NC14M R1448NC14J
R1448NC18K R1448NC18J
R1448NC18L R1448NC18J
R1448NC18M R1448NC18J
R1271NC08D R1271NC12D
R1271NC08E R1271NC08E
R1271NC08G R1271NC12E
R1271NC10B R1271NC12B
R1271NC10C R1271NC12C
R1271NC10D R1271NC12D
R1271NC10E R1271NC12E
R1271NC10G R1271NC12E
R1280NC18x R1280NC21x
R2475ZC20x R2475ZC28x
R2475ZD20x R2475ZD28x
R2714ZC16x R2714ZD18x
R2714ZD16x R2714ZD18x
R3047TC24R R3047TC24N
R3047TC24T R3047TC24N
R3047TC28R R3047TC28N
R3047TC28T R3047TC28N
R3047TD24R R3047TD24N
R3047TD24T R3047TD24N
R3047TD28R R3047TD28N
R3047TD28T R3047TD28N
R3370ZC10x R3370ZC12x
R3370ZD10x R3370ZD12x
R3559TC16R R3559TC16N
R3559TC16T R3559TC16N
R3559TC20R R3559TC20N
R3559TC20T R3559TC20N
R3559TD16R R3559TD16N
R3559TD16T R3559TD16N
R3559TD20R R3559TD20N
R3559TD20T R3559TD20N
R3636EC16R R3636EC16N
R3636EC16T R3636EC16N
R3636EC20R R3636EC20N
R3636EC20T R3636EC20N
R3708FC40V R3708FC45V
R3708FC40W R3708FC45W
R3708FD40V R3708FD45V
R3708FD40W R3708FD45W
R3968FC24R R3968FC24N
R3968FC24T R3968FC24N
S0300SR12D N/A
W0438R/SCxx0 W0503R/SCxx0
W0508R/S#xx0 W0735R/SAxx0
W0614WCxx0 W0642WCxx0
W0628R/S#xx0 W0735R/SAxx0
W0646WCxx0 W0944WCxx0
W0735R/SBxx0 W0735R/SAxx0
W0797WCxx0 W0944WCxx0
W1294NCxx0 W1520NCxx0
W1608NCxx0 W1859NCxx0
W1748LC080 W1748LC180
W2020NCxx0 W3477MCxx0
W2052NCxx0 W2134NCxx0
W2058LC020 W2058LC100
W2416NCxx0 W2624NCxx0
W2664NCxx0 W3708MCxx0
W2958NCxx0 W3708MCxx0
W3270NC080 W3270NC160
W4307ZCxx0 W5282ZCxx0
W5439VCxx0 W5696VCxx0
W7675ZCxx0 W8405ZCxx0


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