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March 2021 – IXYS Product Discontinuation Notice

Published on: 18/03/2021

IXYS announces the discontinuation of some of its high power modules

IXYS Product Discontinuation by GD Rectifiers

IXYS Product Discontinuation


IXYS: A Littelfuse Technology has announced this month the discontinuation of several high power modules due to lack of demand and the closure of the existing products production line.

No like for like alternatives will be made available, any possible product alternatives can be located with corresponding datasheets on the Littelfuse website or by calling the GD Rectifiers team.


Last Time Buy Date

All last time buy orders must be placed by 30th June 2021


Last Delivery Date

Shipments for these parts must be taken by 21st December 2021


IXYS Part Numbers to Become Obsolete:

MDA600-14N1         MDK600-22N1           MCC500-18io1         MCK550-16io1          MDC500-22io1         MDD950-22N1W

MDA600-18N1         MCA500-14io1            MCC500-22io1         MCD500-14io1         MDC550-12io1          MDK950-14N1W

MDA600-22N1        MCA500-18io1            MCC550-12io1          MCD500-18io1         MDC550-16io1          MDK950-18N1W

MDD600-12N1        MCA500-22io1            MCC550-16io1         MCD500-22io1         MDA950-14N1W      MCD600-22io1W

MDD600-14N1        MCA550-12io1            MCK550-14io1         MCD550-12io1          MDA950-18N1W      MCD700-14io1W

MDD600-18N1        MCA550-16io1            MCK550-18io1         MCD550-16io1          MDA950-22N1W     MCD700-18io1W

MDD600-22N1        MCC500-14IO1          MCK500-22io1        MDC500-14io1          MDD950-14N1W      MDC600-22io1W

MDK600-12N1        MCC500-16io1           MCK550-12io1          MDC500-18io1         MDD950-18N1W      MDC700-14io1W

MDK600-14N1       MCA600-22io1W       MCA700-14io1W      MCA700-18io1W     MCC600-22io1W      MCC700-14io1W

MDK600-16N1       MCK600-22io1W       MCK700-14io1W      MCK700-18io1W     MCA550-12io2          MCC700-16io1W

MDK600-18N1      MDC700-18io1W        MCC700-18io1W       MCC700-16io1W-T  MCC551-12io2


For further information on this product discontinuation notice, or to discuss like for like alternatives, please contact GD Rectifiers on: 01444 243 452 or email:


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