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July 2017 – How to Save Time and Money Sourcing Semiconductors

Published on: 04/07/2017

Read our guide to sourcing semiconductors quickly and within budget

Sourcing semiconductors, GD Rectifiers semiconductor components.

Buyers rely on distributors to provide them with the latest semiconductor components, supplied with up to date information and datasheets on the specifications required

Today, distributors act as a more powerful sales tool to buyers than ever before, from enquiry to delivery, distributors play an integral part of the supply and purchasing chain.


GD Rectifiers are one of the UK’s leading distributors of power electronic components, they supply semiconductors to over 800 companies in the UK. GD Rectifiers have serviced the rail, medical, industrial, electronics, aviation and automation industries for over five decades.


They specialise in designing and manufacturing standard and custom built heatsinks, power assemblies, selenium rectifiers, silicon rectifiers, suppressors, inverters and regulators. They also distribute components for the world’s leading semiconductor manufacturers such as IXYS, Westcode, Semikron, EDI, Mersen, Sirio, Ferraz Shawmut and Ocram throughout the UK and Europe.


Top 5 Tips to Saving Time and Money on Sourcing Semiconductors


Get the customer specification early

The earlier you get the brief from your customer, the better. Make sure you supply your distributor with all of the necessary information to support the quote process.

It is imperative that your distributor requests pricing on the project as soon as possible, before many other distributors request a quote for the same job.


Limit how many distributors you invite to tender

Limiting how many distributors you invite to tender is a benefit, it keeps the demand for the part down which means distributors can obtain better supported pricing from the manufacturers.


Order in high volumes to benefit from cost savings

The best way for customers to save money is to provide your distributor with an annual forecast on product usage. Buy small quantities of the part you need (or in some cases you can even request samples), do the relevant testing and confirm you’re happy with the part, then place a large order with one distributor, this will save you time and money. GD Rectifiers provide all customers with bespoke call-off and scheduled orders, this enables customers to buy in large volumes but store the stock at the distributors warehouse if required.


Use your distributor as an extension to your business

Your distributor knows the products and the industry inside out, develop a loyal and long-lasting relationship with them and use them as an extension to your business. Distributors are extremely knowledgeable about product life cycles, obsolescence, replacement parts, new product releases, supported pricing, lead times and end applications. Use your distributor as a knowledge centre and benefit from their expertise on the industry.

Provide a realistic annual product forecast for the part

Forward planning will help you save a lot of time and money. Be sure to provide a realistic annual product forecast so that your distributor can secure you the best possible price with a short time-to-market. Disclosing an annual forecast doesn’t mean you have to commit to just that quantity, you can replenish stock and raise more orders throughout the year. Discuss your options with your distributor and come to an agreement that works for both parties.


GD Rectifiers pride themselves on being a medium sized distributor, with the ability to provide account management and support 24/7, remind customers when their call-off orders are running low, liaise with OEMs on securing discounts for volume orders, stocking the latest products with the shortest lead times. Large distributors tend not to compete with smaller distributors on account management and customer service, at GD Rectifiers our sales team are attentive, highly efficient and have everlasting relationships with both our customers and the manufacturers we work with.


For further information on how GD Rectifiers can save you time and money sourcing semiconductors, please call: 01444 243 452 or email: 

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