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January 2022 – Dynex Semiconductors High Power IGBT Modules

Published on: 31/01/2022

Discover Dynex’s high power IGBT modules range today

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Dynex Semiconductor offer a comprehensive range of IGBT modules including half bridge, chopper, dual, single and bi-directional switch configurations covering voltages from 1200V to 6500V and currents from 100A to 3600A.

Dynex’s manufacturing plant is a vertically integrated facility with device design, wafer, fabrication, packaging, qualification and testing on site.

Dynex IGBT modules feature superior power cycling performance with the latest IGBT generation die and low switching losses. Great emphasis is placed on low inductance power busbar designs, enabling the module to perform with fast switching transients.



–       High short circuit capability wide SCSOA

–       High DC stability via advanced edge termination design and passivation

–       Self-limiting short circuit current

–       Low switching losses

–       Low V(cesat) with positive temperature coefficient

–       AISiC baseplate for increased thermal cycling capability

–       High isolation voltage available

–       Isolated baseplate



–       Electric Vehicles

–       Energy

–       Traction

–       Industrial


GD Rectifiers has access to Dynex’s high power IGBT modules and fast recovery diodes (FRDs). GD Rectifiers works in partnership with Dynex Semiconductor to offer customers a unique range of high power IGBT modules and FRDs. GD Rectifiers offers competitive pricing, fast delivery and expert technical support on Dynex products.


For further information on Dynex’s product range, or to discuss your requirements with our sales team, please call: 01444 243 452 or email:

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