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Ocram Power Electronics offer a wide range of high voltage diodes suitable for solder or screw connections and clip-on contacts.

Ocram's high voltage diodes are hermetically sealed in ceramic tube devices and can be mounted in air or oil. They feature avalanche characteristics and are available from 2.5KV to 180KV AC/DC. 

View Ocram's High Voltage Diodes/Rectifiers Datasheet here


     50KV HSK E                          HSKE 8000/3600-30A                                                   

Ocram Power Electronics 50KV HSK E High Voltage Diodes                       Ocram Power Electronics HSKE 8000/3600-30A High Voltage Diodes


        SKHM6                              80/180KV SKXA

Ocram Power Electronics SKHM6 High Voltage Diodes                     Ocram Power Electronics 80/180KV SKXA High Voltage Diodes   


Technical Information

- 2.5KV / 180KV

- 0.25A / 30A

- Hermetically sealed in ceramic tubes

- Suitable for solder or screw connections

- Can be mounted in air or oil

- Avalanche characteristics

- Reduced overall dimensions



- Diagnostic medical equipments

- High voltage power supplies

- Lasers

- X-ray equipment X

- Electronic beam welding

- Electrostatic precipitators

- Cable test equipments


Ocram's high voltage diode rectifier, SKHM 50F, which was previously a customer-specific part, has now been made available to all customers.

Ocram Power Electronic's SKHM 50F Image by GD Rectifiers

SKHM 50F Datasheet


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Ocram Power Electronics

Ocram Power Electronics has worked in the power electronics sector since 1999 and today produces and distributes both components and assemblies used in the energy, aeronautical, naval, electro-medical (laser), wind power and railway sectors on a worldwide scale. Quality and innovation have long been Ocram's primary objectives.

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