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February 2015 – IXYS UK Westcode introduces a new 1.2kV distributed gate thyristor

Published on: 13/02/2015

IXYS UK Westcode New 1.2kV distributed gate thyristor

IXYS UK Westcode Ltd (now acquired by Littelfuse) announces a new pressure contact distributed gate thyristors with increased power density. This new fast thyristor with current rating 2075A is symmetrical blocking with Vdrm/Vrrm equal to 1200V and therefore suitable for both voltage and current fed applications.


New 1.2kV Distributed Gate Thyristor

The device offers both higher current and faster turn-off when comparted to other parts in the same footprint package size. New improved designs offer up to 60% increase in average current rating and a faster 10μs turn-off option when compared to older designs in the IXYS UK product portfolio. The improvement in performance is achieved by maximising the die size and improved distributed gate geometry. The 56mm silicon die are bonded and encapsulated in fully hermetic 50mm electrode contact diameter ceramic packages, with an industry standard overall diameter of 74mm.

The larger die sizes and higher current rating offer more flexibility in customising the parts to meet the needs of customer specific applications. The increase in current rating can be traded in adapting the turn-off characteristic to give faster turn-off even than the standard offering of 10μs or tailoring the reverse recovery for series operation. These new devices will replace some old customised designs based on a 53mmdie, with standard parts which do not require any bespoke processing; improving lead times and availability as well as lowering unit cost by reducing negative yield implications.

Device is available in three different switching classes, defined by turn-off time: R2075MC12A with tq 10μs, R2075MC12B with tq 12μs and R2075MC12C with tq 15μs.

Typical applications for this device include: Induction power supplies for melting, billet heating and surface treatments; as well as resonant power supplies and pulse switches for applications including high power magnets and lasers.

For the R2075MC12x datasheet, please click here.


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