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December 2020 – Semikron seeks proposals for Innovation and Young Engineer Awards

Published on: 21/12/2020

Semikron announce they are looking for proposals for their annual Innovation and Young Engineer Awards

Semikron Innovation and Young Engineer Awards by GD Rectifiers

Semikron’s Young Engineer Awards

The Semikron Innovation Award and the Young Engineer Award is given for outstanding innovations in projects, prototypes, services or novel concepts in the field of power electronics across Europe. The awards also combine notable societal benefits in form of supporting environmental protection, and sustainability by improving energy efficiency and conservation of resources.

Both prizes are donated by the Semikron Foundation in cooperation with the European ECPE Network. The Semikron Foundation aims to motivate people of all ages and organisations of any legal status to promote innovations in power electronics.

Young Engineer Award Prizes

The Semikron Innovation and Young Engineer prizes will be awarded in the frame of the ECPE Annual Event in March 2021 in Erding/Muinch. The prize for the Innovation award id 10,000 EUROs and the prize for the Young Engineer award is 3,000 EUROs. A single person or team can enter and entries will close on 18th January 2021.

Entries should consist of 3-5 pages and should be submitted in English and emailed to Thomas Harder, General Manager of ECPE on: with the email subject ‘Semikron Innovation Award’. 

For further information on Semikron’s Innovation and Young Engineer Award please click here.


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