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December 2016 – Rotating Diodes Range

Published on: 22/12/2016

Introducing Ocram’s range of rotating diodes

Ocram Rotating Diodes Assemblies


Ocram are specialised manufacturers of High Voltage Diodes, Rotating Silicon Rectifier Assemblies, Converter Assemblies, String Diodes and Snubbers.

Ocram works in the power electronics sector and specialises in the production of components with a high technological content which are used in many applications and exported all over the world. Ocram manufacture rotating silicon rectifier assemblies in six-pulse bridge connection for brushless AC generators. Id range: 30A-300A.


Ocram’s Rotating Diodes Range

Rotating Silicon Rectifier Assemblies are used in a wide range of applications, some of these include:

  • Wind energy
  • Hydro energy
  • Rail and naval transport
  • Aeroportual equipment
  • Hospital sub-stations
  • Rotating UPS
  • AC brushless generators
  • Energy recovery in hybrid and e-mobility


Rotating Diode Bridge Assembly/Rectifier/Silicon:

  Ocram RS 132 Rotating Diode   Ocram RS 170 Rotating Diode     Ocram RS 260 Rotating Diode


         RS 132                  RS 170                 RS 260



Ocram RS 261 Rotating Diode   Ocram RS 310 Rotating Diode Ocram Tandem Rotating Diode

    RS 261                    RS 310               Tandem


GD Rectifiers stock Ocram’s complete range of Rotating Diode Bridge Assemblies, please click here to shop the full range.

For further information on all Ocram products, please contact our friendly sales team on: 01444 243 452 or click here to email us.


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