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September 2018 – Connecting customers with reliable power assembly solutions

Published on: 20/09/2018

GD Rectifiers have been manufacturing power assemblies for over 50 years

GD Rectifiers' Power Assemblies

GD Rectifiers offers customers a wide range of reliable power assembly solutions and have been servicing engineers, buyers and procurement specialists throughout the power electronics industry for over 50 years.


Reliable Power Assembly Solutions

GD Rectifiers offers a broad range of power assembly services and solutions, from standard off-the-shelf assemblies, to components, custom designs and traction refurbishments. GD Rectifiers utilise the experience of their mechanical, electrical and power electronics engineering experts to test, design and deliver the best technology in their products.


GD Rectifiers’ power assemblies and controllers are used in a wide range of applications from high powered voltage rectifiers, resistance welding, plating, heating, lighting, cathodic protection, pulse power, choppers and wind, solar and tidal energy.


Blocking and Voltage Dropping Diodes

Blocking and voltage dropping diodes are often used in solar energy systems to allow a flow of current from the solar panel to the battery, they are designed to prevent the flow of current to the solar panel which in turn prevents it from discharging.

View Blocking and Voltage Dropping Diodes


Firing Circuits and Trigger Modules

Firing circuits controls and triggers the thyristors AC voltage which periodically switches off the thyristor when it goes to zero in every cycle.

View Firing Circuits and Trigger Modules


Hex Phase Power Assemblies

Hexaphase assemblies are available in both double star uncontrolled and double star controlled configurations. GD Rectifiers can design bespoke hexaphase assemblies to customer specifications.

View Hex Phase Power Assemblies



GD Rectifiers stock IXYS’ range of Six Pack IGBTs, Phase Leg IGBTs and Converter Brake Inverter Modules designed for AC motors, switch-mode power supplies and standalone equipment for solar power applications and back-up supplies.

View Inverters


Photovoltaic Triple Diode Assemblies

GD Rectifiers offer modules designed to assist photovoltaic systems in the assembly of blocking diodes on strings of photovoltaic panels.

View Photovoltaic Triple Diode Assemblies



GD Rectifiers offers three types of rectifiers: fully controlled, half controlled and uncontrolled rectifiers. Their wide range of rectifiers are available with fitted line fuses, indicators, microswitches, thermal trips, standby fans, free wheel diodes and trigger circuits.

View Rectifiers



Regulators automatically convert voltage in to DC whilst maintaining a constant voltage level by using either a feed-forward design or negative feedback. GD Rectifiers offer single phase and three phase regulators designed to control the level of voltage or current of a device.

View Regulators


Rotating Diode Assemblies

Rotating diode assemblies are typically used in rotating UPS, wind power systems, hydro energy and energy recovery in hybrid and e-mobility. Ocram’s rotating diode assemblies are available in a six-pulse bridge connection with an id range of 30-300A.

View Rotating Diode Assemblies


Selenium Rectifiers

GD Rectifiers offer a selenium rectifier replacement service, they are able to replicate obsolete Westcode, International Rectifier, STC, Semikron and Automat selenium rectifiers.

View Selenium Rectifiers


Selenium Suppressors

Selenium suppressors are a popular choice for engineers and are designed to protect semiconductors from damage caused by transient surges. GD Rectifiers are able to build reliable selenium suppressors to a detailed specification.

View Selenium Suppressors


Single Phase Power Assemblies

GD Rectifiers offers a large range of single phase power assemblies available in half controlled and fully controlled configurations.

View Single Phase Power Assemblies


Three Phase Power Assemblies

GD Rectifiers offers a large range of three phase power assemblies available in controlled and uncontrolled configurations.

View Three Phase Power Assemblies



GD Rectifiers are not part of a big corporate group; they benefit from having a small hands-on team so they can be reactive to new product requirements.

GD Rectifiers deliver the very best in customer service, ensuring customers speak to the same sales executive from the enquiry stage right the way through to delivery.

GD Rectifiers offers to hold stock for their customers at their factory so that customers can pull products in quickly when demand increases.


For further information on GD Rectifiers range of power assemblies and solutions, please call: 01444 243 452 or email:

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