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October 2022 – Littelfuse White Paper: Reducing Cost of Solar In-Line Fuses

Discover how in-line fusing cuts installation time by up to 40 percent and overall wiring costs by 35 percent by reading the latest Littelfuse white paper

Littelfuse White Paper, solar in-line fuse image

The renewable energy infrastructure depends on economic drivers and is experiencing increased pressure to achieve parity with traditional electrical power sources. One of the top priorities for people working in the solar industry is to reduce the cost of installing photovoltaic (PV) systems.

A leading supplier came to Littelfuse with a challenge: how could it improve the method for protecting PV strings from damaging overcurrents in a way that would reduce complexity and cost?


Littelfuse delivered an innovative and cost-effective solution which has been widely accepted by the industry making the product prevalent across several installations. The 4 amp in-line fuses are part of multiple global utility installations with more than 2.5 million fuses installed, protecting over 2000 miles of solar cables.

Littelfuse White Paper

Read the full Littelfuse case study on Reducing Cost of Solar with In-Line Fuses today to find out how you could reduce the number of components and labour required to build solar installations.

Download Littelfuse’s White Paper here

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GD Rectifiers has access to Littelfuse’s extensive range of circuit protection, power semiconductors and solar products.

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