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July 2023 – Littelfuse set to join Bodo’s WBG Expert Talk

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Bodo's WBG Expert Talk

Littelfuse set to join Bodo’s WBG Expert Talk

Aalok Bhatt, Littelfuse Product Marketing Engineer, will be participating in Bodo’s WBG Expert Talk on Wednesday 26th July 2023 from 2pm-3pm (BST)/ 3pm-4pm (CEST).

Bodo’s WBG Expert Talk’s is a virtual roundtable focused on wide bandgap technology. The goal is to keep the dialog going on, independent of any events that are hosted on fixed dates. The expert talks will build on the articles published in the magazines, giving you the chance to ask questions to the experts out of the industry.

The discussion will build on the articles published in Bodo’s Power Systems magazine, giving you the chance to ask questions to the experts in the industry with guests who have contributed an article within the last three issues of Bodo’s Power Magazine.Aalok will be reviewing the article, SMPD: An Advanced Isolated Package to Keep the SiC MOSFET Chip up to 75°C Cooler.

Register here to join the conversation. Participants will receive their ZOOM link via email on the day of the event.


Bodo’s WBG Expert Talk

The Wide Bandgap Expert Talk will start at 2pm (BST)/ 3pm (CEST) on Wednesday with the following guests:

  • Carlos Fuentes from ROHM was one of the authors of “SiC MOSFET Modules as Building Blocks for PV Systems with Integrated Storage and EV Charging”
  • Aalok Bhatt from Littelfuse wrote “SMPD: An Advanced Isolated Package to Keep the SiC MOSFET Chip up to 75°C Cooler”together with his teammates
  • Llew Vaughn-Edmunds from Navitas delivered the cover story in July, titled “The Genesis of GeneSiC and the Future of Silicon Carbide”
  • Simon Kim and Kwok Wai Ma from Infineon provided insights on “Extending Output Power of Unified, AC-Input Light Industrial Applications Through Low RDS(ON) SiC MOSFETs”


After a short break they will be discussing GaN from 3:30pm (BST)/4:30pm CEST. With the following guests:

  • Alex Lidow from Efficient Power Conversion (EPC), who will answer your questions on “Test-to-Fail Methodology for Accurate Reliability and Lifetime Evaluation of eGaN Devices in Solar Applications”
  • Navitas’ Tom Ribarich will talk about how “Power ICs Enable High-Efficiency and High-Power-Density 140 W, PD3.1 Adapter Designs”
  • Diogo Varajao from Infineon was the co-author of “One Product Family Fits All: Gate Driver Solutions for Si, SiC, and GaN”
  • MinDCet’s Mike Wens shares his thoughts about “Optimum GaN Gate Control for Greater Performance Gains”


All previous Wide Bandgap recordings can be found on the website here, registration is easy and free. Take your chance to ask your questions live in the chat to the experts.

For IXYS and Littelfuse product enquiries, please contact GD Rectifiers on 01444 243 452 or email


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