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May 2023 – Renewable Energy Solutions for Every Application

GD Rectifiers share their extensive range of green energy solutions

LED lighting. Renewable energy

Sunset and modern building / night scene

GD Rectifiers supplies a wide range of renewable energy devices suited for LED lighting, solar and wind power applications.

It is estimated that 25 percent of global energy consumption goes to lighting applications, which means by making lighting more energy efficient, could have a dramatic impact on overall energy usage and could make more power available for other applications and uses.

Both consumers and industrial users are becoming increasing interested in energy efficient lighting options which is further stimulating the demand for LED lighting.

Solar energy or solar panel electricity systems, also known as photovoltaics (PV) works by capturing the sun’s energy and heat using photovoltaic cells.  When light hits a solar panel it reacts with silicon crystals in each solar panel to produce an electric current. The electric current can then be fed into the National Grid, which transfers electricity from the power stations to houses and businesses across the UK.

Solar energy is popular amongst consumers as the renewable energy source is free and does not damage the environment. Space engineers include solar panes on satellites to produce the energy required to run their electric circuits. The reason for this is because it’s not possible to provide further fuel to the satellite after they have launched, so they need to capture the free energy from the sun.

Recent statistics released by DECC showed that in 2017 over 800,000 British homes were using solar PV panels, a combined capacity of 12,318 megawatts – enough to power over 2.6 million British households.

Wind turbines harness the power of the wind and use it to generate electricity. The wind turns the blade, which in turn spins a generator to create electricity. A wind turbine utilises various components to keep the blades, brake, controller, gear box, generator, high-speed shaft, low-speed shaft, nacelle, pitch, rotor, tower, wind vane, yaw drive and yaw motor operational.

A wind turbine presents many benefits including reduces the use of fossil fuels, non-pollutant, inexhaustible, reduces energy imports and contributes to sustainable development.

A wind turbine’s nacelle houses a multitude of sub-components

A wind turbine’s nacelle houses a multitude of sub-components (Credit: Fabricators & Manufacturers Association)


GD Rectifiers’ Renewable Energy Solutions

LED Lighting

GD Rectifiers offers their own range of LED heatsinks and lighting surge protection modules and surface mount LED protectors from Littelfuse.

LED Lighting image 

LED Lighting Surge Protection Modules

LED Heatsinks

Surface Mount LED Protectors


GD Rectifiers offers an extensive range of devices suited to solar applications from Littelfuse and IXYS.

Littelfuse Arc Flash Relay

Solar Cells & Modules

Solar Arc Flash Detection

Solar Protection Relays

Solar Rated Varistors

Solar Protection Arrays

Surge Surge Protection Devices

Solar TVS Diodes


Wind Power

GD Rectifiers leads the way in solar and wind conversion, offering a large range of devices to reliably serve customer requirements.

Semikron wind power image

Power Semiconductor Assemblies

SKiiP4 Modules

Press Pack IGBTs and Phase Control Thyristors

Photovoltaic Triple Diode Assemblies


GD Rectifiers  provides a wide range of renewable energy solutions and provides an array of services to globally lead the way in energy efficiency. Since it’s inception in 1964, GD Rectifiers has been providing its skills and expertise to deliver a more robust, cost-effective use of energy systems for industrial users.

For further information on GD Rectifiers range of renewable energy products please call the sales team on: 01444 243 452 or email:

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