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September 2021 – Littelfuse Product Change Notice

Published on: 20/09/2021

Littelfuse Product Change Notice – Littelfuse announces 469 fuse series discontinuation

Littelfuse 469 Fuse Series by GD Rectifiers. Littelfuse Product Change Notice

The 469 Series is a 100% lead-free, RoHS compliant and Halogen-free fuse series designed specifically to provide over-current protection to circuits that operate under high working ambient temperature up to 150°C.

Littelfuse has this month announced it’s plans to discontinue the Thin Film 469 series fuses and are proposing customers use the 407 series fuses as an alternative.


Reason for change: low demand

Effective date: 15th September 2021

Last time to buy: 15th November 2021


Littelfuse affected part numbers

Littelfuse Obsolete 469 Series Alternative 407 Series Parts
0469002.WR 0407002.WR
0469004.WR 0407004.WR
0469005.WR 0407005.WR
0469006.WR 0407006.WR
0469007.WR 0407007.WR
0469008.WR 0407008.WR


Littelfuse will not be accepting new orders for the 469 series from 16th November 2021.


For further information relating to this PCN notice, please contact GD Rectifiers on: 01444 243 452 or email:

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