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October 2021 – SEMIKRON’s PowerCell for Fast Charging

Published on: 29/10/2021

Semikron’s PowerCell power modules offer power ratings from 50Kw up to 450kW

Semikron PowerCell power modules for EV chargers. Semikron's PowerCell.

SEMIKRON offers a comprehensive range of products that meet the needs of fast charge equipment from as little as 22kW right up to 450kW. Governments and industries worldwide are preparing to invest in charging infrastructures with deciding factors being cost, power and reliability.



SEMIKRON’s new 50kw PowerCell enables customers to market DC fast chargers using a qualified power electronics platform. The availability, efficiency and reliability of the device guarantees fast time to market and low upfront investment costs, making it a favourable choice amongst engineers. In combination with a secure supply chain and a modular design, the PowerCell plays a vital role in the successful deployment of your DC fast chargers.

SEMIKRON’s 50kW PowerCell is an off-the-shelf solution for DC chargers that is scalable to meet high power charging requirements. It includes a 3-phase PFC rectifier and a DC/DC converter with galvanic isolation for an output voltage of up to 500VDC or 1000VDC. It also includes all the necessary filters and a control unit with an interface to the charge controller.

SEMIKRON’s 50KW PowerCell meets the CCS Power Class definition for a 50kw DC fast charger. When operated in parallel it meets the HPC350 definition (380A@920Vdc).


Key Features

  • 50kw rated power
  • AC input: 400V ± 10% / 480V ± 10%
  • 500VDC or 1000VDC output voltage
  • Scalable for high-power charging
  • CANopen fieldbus
  • Easy integration and maintenance – all connections at the front
  • Parallel operation for high-power charging
  • Transformer for safe galvanic isolation
  • Qualified for fast time to market


Modular and Flexible Power for your Charger Portfolio

PowerCell integrates easily into your charger

The PowerCell provides a communication interface for the charge control unit using a CANopen Bus including:

  • Voltage and current input
  • Status and information exchange

Semikron PowerCell for fast charging, diagram of how the power module work with an electric vehicle next to it

With PowerCell an entire portfolio of ratings is possible

Charging electric vehicles requires different business models to those for powertrains for internal combustion cars. Chargers will be located at all sorts of locations in future, form your home or office to destinations such as shopping mails, and high-speed stations on motorways.


SEMIKRON’s PowerCell provides a complete portfolio of power ratings is possible, addressing all the different power requirements for EV fast chargers. It is designed for easy paralleling to achieve 350kW or more using the same product. In addition, the PowerCell is able to handle 500V as well as 1000VDC outputs for efficient EV charging.

Semikron PowerCell power module, large grey device on it's side. Semikron's PowerCell power modules.


SEMIKRON’s PowerCell reduces complexity in the supply chain, the modularity and flexibility of it reduces risks, cuts costs and increases scalability. SEMIKRON use state-of-the-art topologies featuring standard components, guaranteeing both excellent efficiency and availability.

Semikron's PowerCell charging time table

Find out more on the Semikron website here.


GD Rectifiers is a distributor for SEMIKRON, they have been distributing electronic components for over 55 years, offering a wide range of semiconductors, heat sinks and power assemblies.

For further information on SEMIKRON’s PowerCell products, please call GD Rectifiers on: 01444 243 452 or email:


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