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October 2020 – Introducing Sirio Components

Published on: 12/10/2020

GD Rectifiers is an official distributor for Sirio Components

Sirio Components by GD Rectifiers

Over the last forty years Sirio Components has been recognised as one of Italy’s leading manufacturers of power electronic components, working on several large innovations in the world of electronics, science and industrial trade.

Sirio is a specialist manufacturer of high frequency inductive components for applications in the industrial field where high insulation and reliability is paramount.


Sirio Components main product focuses are:


Pulse and Drive Transformers


Sirio Pulse and Drive Transformers by GD Rectifiers

Sirio’s pulse and drive transformers are designed to drive IGBTs, MOSFETs, Powers BJTs and Thyristors working at different frequencies.


Current Transformers

Sirio Current Transformers by GD Rectifiers

Sirio’s offers three types of current transformers: for applications at mains frequency (50-60Hz), for measurement applications at high accuracy, for high frequency applications, for control circuits and protection of electronic switching devices.


Switch Mode Transformers

Sirio Switch Mode Transformers by GD Rectifiers

Sirio offer two types of switch mode transformers, for low power (up to hundreds of watts) and for high power (from 1-20kW).




Sirio Inductors by GD Rectifiers

Sirio’s output inductors are designed to limit the current hunching of a DC/DC converter and suitable for non-insulted converters such as PFC, Boost and Buck-Boost.


GD Rectifiers has been an authorised distributor for Sirio Components for over twenty years.

For further information on Sirio’s product range, or to discuss your requirements, please call GD Rectifiers on: 01444 243 452 or email:


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