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November 2021 – Isolating & Safety Transformers

Published on: 30/11/2021

Introducing GD Rectifiers’ range of isolating and safety transformers

Collage of Meth Isolating & Safety Transformers and Certifications

Isolating and safety transformers provide reinforced isolation between the input and output windings and offer a high degree of protection for use in harsh operating conditions.

Single phase isolating and safety transformers are used throughout marine, medical and industrial/civil applications. Three phase isolating and safety transformers are used in industrial and renewable energy applications.

GD Rectifiers partners with Meth Kft (Hungry) and Meth Srl (Italy) to offer an extensive range of isolating and safety single phase, three phase and three phase auto transformers.


The Meth Transformers Group is a designer and manufacturer of isolating and safety transformers, specialising in single phase transformers from 3.2VA-80kVA and three phase transformers from 100VA to 1600kVA used in industrial, automation, photovoltaic and marine applications.


GD Rectifiers also works closely with the Meth Transformers Group to design customised single phase and three phase transformer solutions.

Meth’s safety and isolating transformers carry numerous industry recognised approvals and certifications, including UL, UL-CSA, ENEC-KEMA and SASO.


Single Phase Isolating & Safety Transformers

Isolating & Safety Transformers

Isolating & Safety Transformers with Resettable Switch

Isolating & Safety Transformers with Universal Input

Isolating & Safety Transformers for Screw or DIN Bar Installation

Dry-Type Transformers

Transformers for Medical Applications

Transformers for Marine Applications

PCB Transformers


Three Phase Isolating & Safety Transformers

General Purpose Transformers

Isolating & Safety Transformers for Industrial Applications

Dry-Type Power Transformers

Industrial Control Transformers

Industrial Control Auto Transformers

Low Losses Eco Design Transformers

Transformers for Renewable Energy Applications


Discover Meth’s full product range by downloading Meth’s Transformer Catalogue.


For further information on The Meth Transformer’s products please call GD Rectifiers on: 01444 243 452 or email:

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