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November 2019 – This is Engineering Day: Discover how to get involved

Published on: 05/11/2019

Find out how you can get involved and support this year’s event

This is Engineering Day.

An initiative launched in January 2018 by the Royal Academy of Engineering, introducing ‘This is Engineering Day’ was set up to help address the UK’s continuous skills and diversity shortfall in engineering.

This is Engineering Day is celebrated on 6th November and in it’s first year received 35 million views of the campaign films, of which 72% of teens who have seen them say they would consider a career in engineering, compared to the 39% prior to the campaign.

This year the the academy is looking to attract and engage young people with their campaign and are setting themselves a new challenge: to change the image of the engineer and the engineering industry among the wider public.

Their focus is to work with the industry to help change the perception and stereotype of engineers and to embrace a more diverse range of engineers, including genders, ages, races and religions. Companies in the industry are encouraged to support this ambition in several ways:

This is Engineering is led by the Royal Academy of Engineering, in collaboration with EngineeringUK, and with the generous support of their partners.

Before the day

1)   You can contribute towards the academies new library of representative images of engineers and engineering, which will be launched to the public on This is Engineering Day on 6th November 2019. Find out more information here.

2)   Sign their pledge on behalf of your organisation to make more representative images of engineers and engineering more visible to the public


On the day

1)   Share supportive messages on social media and tag the initiative @ThisIsEng on Twitter and @ThisIsEngineering on Instagram, don’t forget to use the #ThisIsEngineering hashtag!

2)   Showcase This is Engineering content to your customers and spread the word

3)   Join in with our image change challenge. To improve the visibility of more representative images of engineers and engineering. Find out more information here.


Find out more about This is Engineering Day here.


Watch and share the This is Engineering Day YouTube video here.


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This is Engineering Day has been rename National Engineering Day, designed to celebrate the work of engineers around the country. This is Engineering is a campaign to bring engineering to life for young people, and give more people the opportunity to pursue a career that is rewarding, future-shaping, varied, well-paid and in-demand.

Engineering is at the cutting edge of technology; from robotics, machine learning and artificial intelligence, to mobile phones, medical technology, advanced sports equipment and driverless cars. Engineering is shaping the future all around us, and this milestone celebrates the endless work and innovations that all engineers contribute to their industry. Engineering is for everyone: whatever your background and whatever you love – whether it’s fashion, film, sport, music or technology.

This is Engineering aims to encourage more young people to study the subject and to highlight what engineering really looks like, and how it could be an exciting and rewarding path for them in the future. Parents and teachers can look for advice and resources for children or students, by visiting the Neon website, Royal Academy of Engineering resources, or the Year of Engineering website for events nearby. You can also follow @ThisIsEng on Twitter or @ThisIsEngineering on Instagram.

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