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March 2017 – IXYS UK Westcode Launches New 1.7Kv Press-Pack IGBT

Published on: 15/03/2017

Westcode launches new reverse conducting device with fully rated diode

Westcode 1.7kV Press-Pack IGBT

IXYS UK Westcode have this week released it’s first 1.7Kv Press-Pack IGBT, the new device is reverse conducting, with a fully rated diode integrated in the package and represents the first in a planned range of 1.7Kv devices. Westcode’s new device has a DC current rating of 960A and repetitive peak collector current of 1920A, with a continuous DC rating of 900V.


New 1.7Kv Press-Pack IGBT

The latest device is based on IXYS’ die technology and it is constructed using 8 parallel connected IGBT die and 4 parallel connected diode die. Each die is 12.6mm square with an active area of approximately 1cm2. This new device is encapsulated in fully hermetic 26mm thick, 63mm electrode contact diameter ceramic packages, with an industry standard overall diameter of 100mm.

The robust internal construction is bond free with the individual die directly pressure contacted through metallic pressure plates to the external copper electrodes. The direct bond free contact ensures the highest reliability and unrivalled thermal cycling properties, which far exceed those of a conventional packaged plastic package module.

The package design is based on IXYS UK’s well established and proven technology, with the same advantages of enhanced rupture capability, resisting more than ten times the short circuit energy of a conventional plastic packaged module device and the additional advantage that the device is virtually guaranteed to fail to a stable short circuit. These unique properties make the new device an ideal solution where high reliability, maximum power density and predictable failure are important.

Devices are suited to harsh environments and where maintenance access is difficult such as off-shore marine and wind. The hermetic structure and high rupture resistance are properties which are particularly relevant in harsh environments where explosive failure and plasma leak are unacceptable, such as mining, gas and oil installations.

This device is the first of IXYS UK Westcode’s planned range of 1.7kV products with prospective current ratings from 600A to 2500A. These parts will be available in both reverse conducting and symmetrical blocking without an integral diode. As the products will use the same mechanical packaging as IXYS UK’s established 2.5Kv parts, introduction time cycles can be very short; for other rating options please consult GD Rectifiers directly.

Part number designations for this reverse conduction Press-Pack IGBT is T0960VC17G.

Typical applications for this device include: Traction including light rail, trams, trolley-bus and other electric vehicles; AC drives for harsh environments such as mining, marine and off-shore, gas and oil installations; Renewable energy for wind turbines, hydro generation, wave-generation and solar; and an application where high power density and reliability are key considerations.

GD Rectifiers are IXYS UK Westcode’s leading distributor in the UK. They stock Westcode’s complete range of DiodesDistributed Gate Thyristors, Fast Turn-off Thyristors, GTO Thyristors, Medium Voltage Thyristors, IGBTs, Capacitors, Heatsinks and Power Assemblies.

For further information on all IXYS UK Westcode products please contact GD Rectifiers on: 01444 243 452 or email:



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