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March 2017 – Embedded World – 2017 Highlights

Published on: 29/03/2017

Join us as we share our top highlights from 2017’s largest industry conference, Embedded World 2017

Embedded World 2017

The largest embedded systems conference, Embedded World took place in Nuremburg, Germany this month and attracted over 30,000 visitors and 930 exhibitors.

The conference boasted four exhibition halls with over 1,000 exhibitors in each, 15 classes and 36 sessions covering topics on system engineering, wireless technologies, IoT, Security and software engineering just to name a few.

This year the conference focused on embedded design, electronic displays and applications for embedded hardware and software while exhibitors focused on safety and security, electronic displays and M2M.

GD Rectifiers highlight our top highlights from this year’s conference below:


Embedded World 2017 – The Highlights

Renesas Synergy Platform

Renesas released their Software Synergy Platform (SSP) version 1.2.0, at Embedded World which includes qualified and warranted MCU drivers, RTOs, middleware and a Wi-Fi framework. Renesas platform abstracts the hardware and low-level drivers, providing developers with high level APIs and configuration blocks to decrease the cost and time-to-market.

With the low-level drivers and middleware already completed, the developers start focusing on their application from day one, rather than the old way which saw them experience a deep dive into a 3,000-page datasheet.


Cypress Semiconductor 

The exhibition saw Cypress Semiconductor demonstrating the ability to drop module blocks onto the Programmable System-on-Chip (PSoC) IDE and then configure behaviour by connecting the modules.


ARM’s Cortex-M 

ARM introduced the Cortex-M based processor running TrustZone. This solution has the potential to provide developers with the ability to write software that will dramatically improve embedded system security, especially for IoT devices.



A very interesting display saw SCISYS launch an autonomous rover designed to operate on Mars. The SCISYS rover had optical cameras feeding into a NVIDIA chipset that allowed the


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