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June 2020 – Distributors leading the way in 2020

Published on: 23/06/2020

GD Rectifiers explains how buyers can streamline their purchasing process by following in a distributors footsteps and reducing costs with distributors leading the way

Distributors leading the way

Purchasers are continuously challenged with finding and sourcing electronic components in the fastest and most efficient way, as well as consistently identifying new ways of maximising cost savings.

A good, reliable distributor can help purchasers identify cost-saving techniques through a comprehensive product portfolio and value-added service. Distributors can also offer design-in options which can often speed up time to market.


A changing market

The European electronics market has seen some major changes over the past few years, Brexit has impacted the UK, whilst COVID-19 has affected the industry worldwide. Purchasers buying habits are constantly changing, yet the expectations of a buyer remain the same, they need the confidence to partner with a distributor that will reduce costs and maximise production capabilities. Establishing this relationship with a distributor is an effective way for purchasers to get the fast-track results they require.


Distributors leading the way…

Today, the distributors role is to help buyers streamline the buying process and offer competitive pricing.

GD Rectifiers offers maximum technical support, taking an integrated design approach to helping buyers meet their specification. The electronic components distributor works to bespoke specifications, lead times and budgets to design custom solutions for customers.

GD Rectifiers also looks at ways to offer personalised cost-saving initiatives to purchasers by setting up scheduled or call-off orders, ensuring products are on the shelf and ready to go for when customers require them, or for when demand changes quickly.


Investing in product

At GD Rectifiers we’re committed to offering custom built purchasing solutions for our customers. We design and manufacture a wide range of standard and custom built heat sinks and hardware, selenium and silicon rectifiers, suppressors, inverters and regulators for industrial power applications. We also offer a repair and replacement service for faulty or aging semiconductor rectifiers, converters, inverters and regulators.


Alongside our own manufacturing capabilities, we also stock a comprehensive range of semiconductors, circuit protection devices and passive components from some of the world’s leading manufacturers.


Flexible purchasing needs

Specialist distributors have the flexibility to create bespoke purchasing solutions and can offer customers a personalised service. It’s important to consider using specialist distributors when quoting for projects, not only do they provide excellent value for money in regards to both their pricing and technical support, but they also offer a unique and tailored service, one of which is unrivalled from larger distributors.

Specialist distributors have an important role in the UK’s electronic component marketplace and will continue to offer a unique service to customers.


GD Rectifiers is an authorised distributor for over 30 of the world’s leading electronic component brands, including: IXYS, Westcode, Semikron, Dynex, Enerdoor, API Capacitors, Bussmann and Mersen.


For further information on our product range or to discuss your electronic component requirements, please call our sales team today on: 01444 243 452 or email:


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