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June 2019 – New Range of Sirio Current Transformers

Published on: 25/06/2019

Introducing the new range of Sirio Current Transformers

New Range of Sirio Current Transformers. Sirio Current Transformers by GD Rectifiers

New Range of Sirio Current Transformers

After 30 years of experience in the development and production of high frequency electromagnetic components, Sirio has launched a new family of current transformers.

The new range of current transformers features: high reliability, isolation and safety, automatic production, standard raw materials, customisation and a wide range of application fields.


EE Core Based Drive Transformers

Sirio EE Core Based Drive Transformers by GD Rectifiers

Pulse transformers are used in high frequency power converters, when an electrical pulse has to be transferred from the control stage to the power stage, by keeping the galvanic isolation between the circuits, according to the required safety standards.

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Low Coupling Capacity Gate Drive Transformers

Sirio Low Coupling Capacity Gate Drive Transformers by GD Rectifiers

Sirio’s low coupling capacity gate drive transformers is a crucial component in today’s industry, the low coupling capacity between the windings is particularly important to avoid any unwanted firings of electronic switches.

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Ring Core Based Gate Drive Transformers

Sirio Ring Core Based Gate Drive Transformers by GD Rectifiers

The electrical signal is applied to the primary winding and transferred to the secondary side, to fire electronic switches. The 111, 112, 113 and 114 families are based on different sizes of ring cores. The characteristics of these components are very different because several magnetic core materials and sizes can be used and different winding distributions can be chosen.

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Sirio’s current transformers predominantly service a wide range of applications, including: U.P.S, welding, galvanic treatments, battery chargers, solar energy, power supplies, induction heating and water cleaning.

Sirio recognises that industrial applications require long life components which is why every part is equally as important, their transformers are designed to guarantee the galvanic separation between the mains and the worker. Sirio’s automatic production allows stable construction and reduces production costs and standardisation is helpful to reap the economies of scale and to reduce lead times. Sirio pride themselves on their customisation facility and ability to offer bespoke and flexible transformers.


GD Rectifiers has been an authorised distributor for Sirio IC for 21 years, offering their comprehensive range of Current Transformers, HF & Pulse Transformers and Inductors and Chokes.

Today, Sirio Inductive Components has more than a quarter of a million power transformers working in the field in high power demanding applications.

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