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July 2019 – Introducing Sirio’s Current Transformers

Published on: 31/07/2019

GD Rectifiers offers the vast range of Sirio’s Current Transformers

Sirio's Current Transformers


Sirio Inductive Components specialise in developing quality electromagnetic components for industrial applications, in particular the power conversion sector and high frequency applications with high insulation.


GD Rectifiers are an official distributor for Sirio components and stock a wide range of Current Transformers including:


Sirio’s Current Transformers


GD Rectifiers work directly with their customers to establish the final application and the purpose for which the current transformer is required.

They explore the right current transformer for the customer, explaining the various benefits and features of the device. Each type of current transformer has its own special features but they all have the same objective, to convert, the input current value in a proportional signal; the accuracy of the measurement depends on the application.


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