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January 2017 – IXYS UK’s Extended Rating 3.6kV Isolated Base Dual Diode Module

Published on: 17/01/2017

GD Rectifiers introduces IXYS UK’s extended rating 3.6kV isolated base dual diode module 

IXYS UK Dual Diode Module, 3.6kV Isolated Base Dual Diode Module

IXYS UK Westcode has extended the voltage range to its IXYS branded pressure contact isolated base dual rectifier diode modules. The module which was released last year is rated up to 3.6Kv and available in three diode configurations.


3.6kV Isolated Base Dual Diode Module

The new module introductions are based on the industry standard 60mm x 124mm base plate outline and the internal construction is pressure contact with a copper base plate. The silicon die is bonded to metal discs for best transient and thermal performance. Modules are available configured as a phase leg with the diodes connected in series and connected common anode or common cathode. Modules are available in two voltage classes, 3000V & 3600V, with an average current rating of 632 amperes for a case temperature of 85°C; the diodes have a peak non repetitive surge rating of 13,000 Amperes. Standard base plate isolation is 3Kv with an option of enhanced 5Kv isolation if required.

The parts are identified as MDD630-30N2 and MDD630-36N2 for the phase leg configuration, MDA630-30N2 and MDA630-36N2 for the common canoed configuration and MDK630-30N2 and MDK630-36N2 for the common cathode configuration. Modules with higher base plate isolation voltage of 5Kv are identified with the customization code HAD and take the form MDx630-xxN2HAD.

Typical applications include front end rectifiers and half controlled rectifiers in conjunction with compatible thyristor modules for industrial power supplies, DC drives, traction auxiliaries and all rectifier applications up to 200kW. 


GD Rectifiers are IXYS UK’s official UK distributor, IXYS Westcode semiconductors are a UK manufacturer of high power Thyristor Capsules (GTO, fast & standard recovery), Diode Capsules (fast & standard recovery) and IGBT capsules. 

For further information on all IXYS UK Westcode products click here or contact our team on: 01444 243 452 /


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