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February 2018 – Hollow Fin Heatsinks by GD Rectifiers

Published on: 26/02/2018

Discover the hollow fin heatsinks range on offer from GD Rectifiers

Hollow Fin Heatsinks by GD Rectifiers

The Hollow Fin air cooled heatsink is characterised by the shape of its fins. They are manufactured with maximum thermal efficiency in mind. The fins are hollow so that the surface area is maximised and improves forced air cooling thermal efficiency significantly.


Hollow Fin Heatsinks Applications

Hollow Fin Heatsinks are used in the following applications:

  • Communications
  • Industrial controls
  • Medical
  • Military
  • Motor drives
  • Power controls
  • Solar energy
  • Transportation
  • Wind energy


Hollow Fin Heatsinks by GD Rectifiers


GD Rectifiers are experts in Thermal Management, Standard & Custom Made Heatsinks, Cold Plates, Liquid Cooling Solutions and Thermal Assemblies. Offering an extensive range of Air Cooled and Aluminum Heatsinks, they have a wide selection of high quality heatsinks readily available in stock at unbeatable prices and offer a next day delivery service.

Browse the heatsink range on their website by device type, part number or comparison guide. The comparison guide allows you to compare the various sizes of each device.


GD Rectifiers offer the following High Efficiency Hollow Fin Large Isolated Device Heatsinks:


PSXX4 – variable width heatsink

PSxx4C – variable width heatsink


GD Rectifiers offer technical support on all heatsinks including specific heat dissipation requirements. Visit the Heatsinks page for further information or call: 01444 243 452 /


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