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June 2021 – CNC Machining Services

Published on: 15/06/2021

Introducing GD Rectifiers’ modern, in-house CNC machining facility, discover the CNC machining services available today

GD Rectifiers CNC Machining Image, Large Bridgeport CNC machine, cream and red machine in industrial warehouse. Numerous CNC Machining services available.

CNC Machining, also known as Computer Numerical Control machining is a cost effective way to increase efficiency in the workplace. In recent years, CNC machining has become an extremely popular manufacturing asset, for its intricate and complex capabilities designed for aerospace, marine, automotive and medical industries.

GD Rectifiers operates a fast and versatile CNC machine shop, offering customers the shortest lead times, competitive pricing and single source benefits. GD Rectifiers uses the latest CNC technology, offering a subcontracting service helping customers to reduce production costs, minimise subcontractors and enhance product quality.

GD Rectifiers has 5 CNC (computer numerical control) machining centres used to cut and shape pieces of metal, aluminium and steel. Our dedicated CNC machinery is used purely for machining heatsink to bespoke outlines specified by our customers. No matter how complicated your design is, our CNC machines are able to skim, drill and tap any heatsink from our range to your specification, producing identical copies every time.

GD Rectifiers specialises in high quality, batch-work machining and the typical size of our CNC machines are up to 2000mm with a saw capacity of 500mm x 200mm.


Advantages of CNC Machining

1)   Consistency – a CNC machine is highly consistent and an accurate tool, eliminating most possible cases of human error. CNC machining offers reliable and quality batch work, ensuring consistency across the entire job.

2)   Cost effective – CNC machines have a high rate of output and deliver a low number of mistakes which helps to outweigh their initial costs. CNC operators also require less training to operate the machinery and can learn how to use the machine in a virtual environment.

3)   Safety – any hazardous safety issues which could potentially arise is likely only detrimental to the machine and not to the operator, unlike conventional open guard machining.

4)   Versatility – CNC machines can be quickly reprogrammed to suit a particular project, allowing the operator to move on to new jobs smoothly, making them ideal for short or long production runs. Reprogramming the machines is not a time-consuming to costly exercise.


GD Rectifiers is passionate about the products and services they provide. The company invests heavily in their team of engineers and in the latest CNC machinery. GD Rectifiers are confident that they can provide customers with the best services in CNC machining, offering competitive pricing, short lead times and high-quality finishes every time.

For further information on GD Rectifiers’ CNC machining service, or to discover their complete heatsink and hardware range and to discuss your requirements with the team, please call: 01444 243 452 or email:


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