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August 2017 – Semikron Discrete Components and Rectifier Bridges

Published on: 25/08/2017

Discover the benefits of Semikron discrete components and rectifier bridges

SEMIKRON Discrete Components by GD Rectifiers

Semikron’s discrete diodes and thyristors are robust and easy to use for low to high power applications. They offer a wide range of case designs in voltage classes from 200V to 500V and current ratings from 1a to 7500A.



Semikron’s discrete components are used in a wide variety of applications, benefits are achieved whenever high current, uncommon topologies, natural cooling or resistance to harsh conditions are required.

The Semikron portfolio includes axial leaded diodes up to 6A, diodes and thyristors in screw fit (stud) and capsule housings which range from 7500A and 5000V for diodes, to 1200A and 1800V for thyristors.

Semikron’s discrete diodes and thyristors feature easy assembly, hermetic sealing and rugged construction.



Semikron’s discrete components are used in a wide range of applications, including: welding machines, battery chargers, electroplating, soft starters, DC motor control, AC controllers and alternators.

With sealed case, discrete devices are convenient for both natural convection and forced cooling allowing wider application fields. With over 50 years of field experience and millions of units produced every year, the Semikron portfolio enables competitive, flexible and highly reliable options.


Semikron Discrete Components 

SEMIKRON Discrete Components by GD Rectifiers


Rectifier Bridges

Semikron’s single phase and 3-phase isolated rectifier bridges are suited for low to medium applications. Common and special topologies with diodes, thyristors and IGBTs are available with various case and terminal case and terminal designs. Voltage ranges are from 200V to 2200V and current ranges from 9A to 494A.


When performance, space and fast production are paramount, Semikron’s rectifier bridges are the solution for many applications.

Single or 3-phase topologies using diodes, thyristors and IGBTs in isolated compact cases can be recognised. SEMIKRON has a product to suit all preferences: connection by solder, solderless through spring or press-fit contacts, mechanically with screws, fast-on or busbars.



The main applications for Semikron’s rectifier bridges include: battery chargers, motor drive input rectifiers, power supplies, DC motor control, rectifiers with PFC, AC controllers, static switches (SKWT types) for natural convection or forced cooling.


Rectifier Bridge Product Range

–       9A up to 494A, 400V up to 2200V


SEMIKRON Rectifier Bridge Products

SEMIKRON Rectifier Bridges by GD Rectifiers

Semikron’s discrete components and rectifier bridges are available at GD Rectifiers, the UK’s number one distributor.

Discover the complete Semikron product range available by GD Rectifiers here.

For further information on Semikron products please call: 01444 243 452 or email:

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