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August 2017 – Bussmann, Mersen & Westcode Fuses in stock now!

Published on: 22/08/2017

Discover the extensive range of available from GD Rectifiers

Eaton Bussmann Fuses

Shop from over 41,000 Bussmann fuse types 


GD Rectifiers is an authorised distributor for Eaton Bussmann, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of circuit protection devices which provide electrical, electronic and automotive systems for circuit overload. They offer a wide range of fuses for protecting the main supply in multi-storey buildings and industrial complexes to printed circuit boards in electronic products.


Bussmann Fuses

 Bussmann Low voltage UL Fuses by GD Rectifiers


Low voltage UL Fuses

Class CC, CF, G, J, K5 and H, L, RK1, RK5 and T and plug fuses



Bussmann Medium Voltage Fuses by GD Rectifiers

Medium Voltage Fuses

Medium voltage fuses up to 38kv. BBU boric acid, British standard IEC, E-rated, EEI-NEMA type K& T and type H & N, fast acting, PR and R-rated fuses

Bussmann IEC Fuses by GD Rectifiers


IEC & British Standard Fuses

IEC and British Standard industrial fuses: BS 88, CSA type P & D, DIN style type D & neozed, ferrule class aM gG/gL with striker, HRC form II current, HRC fuse holders, HRCI – miscellaneous type K, HRCI industrial, HRCI-J fast acting and NH HRC square body fuses

Bussmann PCB Fuses by GD Rectifiers


Electronic PCB & Small Dimension Fuses

Electronic and small dimension fuses: 1/4” to 1” ferrule, 1/4” x 1-1/4” ferrule, 5 x 15mm ferrule, PCB fuse holders and PCB fuseclips

Bussmann High Speed Fuses by GD Rectifiers


High Speed Fuses

Compact, North American, square body, BS88, DFJ drive and ferrule high speed fuses

Bussmann Power Fuses by GD Rectifiers


Power Fuses

Clip/hinge mount fuses and under-oil power fuses for system and asset protection

Shop Bussmann Fuses


Mersen Fuses

 Mersen Fuses by GD Rectifiers  

GD Rectifiers stock a large range of Mersen fuses, fusegear and fuse systems, including: low voltage IEC fuses, low voltage UL/CSA fuses, high voltage IEC fuses, medium voltage IEEE fuses, semiconductor protection fuses, miniature fuses, special purpose fuses, fuse holders, fuse bases and supports, IEC fuse switch disconnectors, busbar systems, fuse rails and fuse accessories

Shop Mersen Fuses


IXYS UK Westcode Fuses


IXYS UK Westcode Fuses by GD Rectifiers

GD Rectifiers provide a wide range of Westcode fuses which offer fast-acting, ultra rapid protection against device rupture, external short circuits, destructive energy allowed through and excessive peak currents. The range includes: PSC fuses, British Standard BS 88 fuses, DIN80 standard fuses, French cylindrical fuses, associated microswitches and fuse holders.

Shop Westcode Fuses


With a focus on design engineering, GD Rectifiers work hard to understand client needs and have endless access to products around the globe from the world’s leading manufacturers such as Bussmann, Mersen and Westcode, making them the preferred supplier in buying electronic components.

Shop their extensive range of products online today or call: 01444 243 452 or email:


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