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August 2016 – Introduction to Semikron’s SEMIPACK Thyristors

Published on: 26/08/2016

SEMIPACK thyristors were the first insulated module on the market and today it is still a state-of-the-art component 40 years later


Semikron boasts a comprehensive range of packages and configurations to suit applications such as drives, power supplies or power quality.


SEMIPACK Thyristors: Benefits

The SEMIPACK is a well established module which conforms to industrial standard on footprint and module outline guidelines. With a comprehensive product range, the optimal solution can be found for any application. Using SemiSel, a free online calculation and stimulation tool for losses and temperature, the power electronic system developer is able to make the perfect power module.



The target applications for the thyristor, thyristor/diode or diode modules include rectifiers (single-phase, three-phase, controlled, half-controlled or controlled) for inverters or UPS systems, soft start applications and control systems.  


Product Range

The SEMIPACK range offers seven comprehensive module lines: with voltages from 800V to 2200V, insulation voltages of 3.6Kv, 4.8Kv@1s and a current range from 15A to 1200A. Uncontrolled, half-controlled and controlled rectifier modules are available as well as single thyristor or diode modules. Also, fast diodes come in SEMIPACK modules. Further more, different contact technologies – soldered contact, bonded contact or pressure contact modules are available.


Key Features

  • Well established thyristor diode package
  • Market experience over 40 years
  • Broad power and topology range
  • 800V up to 2200V
  • 15A up to 1200A
  • Uncontrolled, half-controlled and controlled rectifier
  • Single thyristors and diodes


GD Rectifiers are the UK’s official Semikron distributor, with over 50 years of experience, they are an ISO 9001:2008 registered company that design and develop bespoke power semiconductor assemblies to control voltage, current and frequency for international industrial markets.

For further information on all Semikron products click here or alternatively call our friendly sales team for a quote today on: 01444 243452.

Find out more about the latest GD Rectifiers product range here.


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