GD Rectifiers Assembly Service


Discover the benefits of our assembly service,
we're the ideal partner for outsourcing your assembly requirements

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Our Assembly Service

GD Rectifiers supplies sub-assemblies and full power assemblies to customers in the rail, renewable energy, industrial and medical industries worldwide. We work with customers to deliver high-quality custom power assemblies and reduce maintenance costs.

We specialise in mechanical jointing and adhesive bonding to assemble high power semiconductor assemblies designed and manufactured to your specification.


Our assembly team can work with components made by GD Rectifiers, those that are customer specified or ones bought in from other leading manufacturers. We also give customers the option to send us their components to use on a free issue basis.

Our assembly service offers complete solutions from packing and labelling to fitting and handling. We can work on small batches and prototypes or large production runs.

We provide a high-quality assembly service, competitive pricing, and a fast turnaround, making us the ideal partner for outsourcing your assembly requirements. We can also remove our branding and paperwork and deliver directly to your customer if required to offer an even shorter lead time.

We also offer free power assembly advice with no minimum spend or obligation to buy.


For further information on our assembly service, please contact us on 01444 243 452 or email