Deburring machine image.


Learn more about our deburring process, machinery and capabilities

Deburred extrusion increases the safety of handling extrusion.


GD Rectifiers has extensive experience in deburring aluminium extrusion profiles. We strongly encourage customers to opt for deburred extrusion to increase the safety of handling components.

Deburring after machining also removes slithers of aluminium on cut edges which could compromise electronic PCB exposed conductive tracks. Deburring helps to remove machine marks and gives a final bright and polished look to the aluminium.

We use Rasamat 2001 machines, specialising in 450mm long x 200mm high approx. Our machinery is fitted with a sliding table. The Rasamat system was developed specifically for deburring complex profile shapes. Every cutting edge is completely deburred inside and outside in one work step. The outer coating of the work piece remains untouched. This way also surface-treated profiles can be deburred. The alignment of the brush segments is selected according to the deburring task. This leads to an ideal deburring result, longer lifetimes of the tools and extremely short deburring times.

For further information on our deburring service or to discuss heatsink requirements, please contact us on 01444 243 452 or email