GD Rectifiers engineer reading the GD line card. Heatsink design by GD Rectifiers.

Heatsink Design

GD Rectifiers offers our expert experience at the design stage of a project ensuring a cost effective solution
based on extruded features which can reduce the amount of fabrication and machining required.

Heatsink Design

Heatsinks designed for optimum performance, every time

At GD Rectifiers, our customised heatsinks suit applications where standard products don’t meet the design brief, such as a requirement for a specific thermal performance or where there is insufficient space. We offer an expansive range of customisations, including: surface finish, drilling patterns, tapping, milling, lengths and shapes, with a choice of anodised colours or bare finishes.

Heatsink Design Specialists

At GD Rectifiers we use Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) programming which is performed off-line. We can either receive drawings or models from CAD systems or work with you to prepare and assist with design options.

We understand that finding the right heatsink design is crucial. If you can identify the thermal demands of the application quickly not only will a reliable solution be determined but it will also save the engineer a lot of time and money.

One of the main challenges designers face today is the size and fit of the heatsink, with smaller sized electronics the concentration of heat makes it harder to find space for heat sinks and other heat dissipation solutions.

We’ve been designing and manufacturing heatsinks for industrial and rail markets over 10 years, we provide our customers with industry-leading expertise on cost effective heat dissipation and thermal management solutions. Choose from over 160 standard profiles in stock, a selection of out-the-box customised designs or contact us directly for a custom-built quote.

If your project requires prototypes we can produce these within short lead times and we can also advise and assist with any design modifications.

For further information on our custom thermal products please contact us on 01444 243 452 or email